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Divide and Conquer Algorithm



Divide-and-Conquer Algorithm

Divide-and-conquer algorithms are made up of three steps: divide, conquer, and combine. In the divide stage, we divide the data into smaller, more manageable fragments. In the conquer stage, we dissecate each division by operating some operation on it. Finally,comes the combine stage where we reassemble the processed divisions. Merge sorts are a good example in this case.

Merge sorts are usually dealt with recursively. We operate as the music goes by dividing big problems into smaller problems making them easier to solve.

For instance we have a list of 8 numbers that we divide in half. The 4 are then divided into groups of 2 until they get isolated into a single number. Once processed and solved, they reassembled into one block solution. 

This algorithm is useful to me when processing data analytics efficiently. I am a micromanagement practitioner and divide and conquer help me to micromanage my data analysis into a subsequent organised fashion. 

More to come on our next algorithm -> Randomized Algorithm | Next blog post. 


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