Digital identity with continuous community validation

The idea is to develop a digital identity system where it is your community that continuously re-validates your identity. Your identity needs to be regularly revalidated by other members of the community holding valid identities. If your digital identity is not revalidated following an acceptable pattern, it quickly expires, in a matter of days. The revalidation pattern is not random: for example, it is not acceptable that you get validated that you get constantly revalidated by the same person. It is also not acceptable to be validated only by people that have never validated you before, meaning that, suddenly, all your validation community has changed. The transition needs to be smooth. You need to have a certain number of validations in a period of time for your digital ID not to expire. These validations should have a minimum diversity. There are however validators with super validation powers: these are state-owned civil registration centers. You need a validation from one of these centers in a period of time (longer than the one for the community validation), otherwise, your digital ID will expire. This guarantees that, if the digital ID is not with its legitimate user, it quickly expires because of lack of validation.


  • How do we design the digital ID?
  • How does the validation occur?
  • How do we design a validation pattern that strongly secures the digital ID?