DES-Digital Business World Congress 2017

DES-Digital Business World Congress 2017
Anybody who has been following my social media account would know that I am a big supporter of incorporating data analytic techniques in everyday business processes. I am really excited about attending the biggest digital conference, DES 2017 (Digital Business World Congress) as a speaker and a co-host. This conference will allow me to communicate with a global audience and network with the like-minded digital savvy and data-driven geeks (I mean professionals). 

We are in the midst of a digital revolution and companies often confront a contradicting situation about operating the businesses traditional way or jumping on the digital transformation bandwagon. The obvious and the smartest move would be to adapt to the changing business environment so that you don’t become obsolete. However, completely altering the existing business dynamics is often not an easy task for business owners. It requires determination and a comprehensive understanding of the transformation process.

It is my honor to be invited to co-host the Big Data & Analytics series at the Digital Business World Congress 2017. I will share my experiences and insights about accepting and incorporating the technological advancements in the existing business models. 

Turning data into action

Are you a business owner who is often confused about taking the decisions regarding business? Are you contemplating between two alternating options and unsure which is the right way to go? Instead of wasting your time contemplating, try and analyze the relevant data. The answer is always hidden behind the cryptic numerals. Take useful insights from the data and fuse it with focused action to achieve the growth you desire in your business.

Three Pillars of data-driven culture

I always say that there are three main pillars of creating a data-driven culture in an organization and those pillars are; People, Processes and Technology. It is absolutely imperative that your organization is equipped with the relevant human capital who can grasp the idea of manual to digital transformation. They should possess the skills to successfully continue and further the transition. It is important to understand that the process of incorporating relevant technologies in the business process is an ongoing phenomenon. Therefore, the company has to be constantly aware of the changes happening in the tech world.

I will be talking about these topics in detail at the conference, along with discussing other useful and interesting topics such as Artificial Intelligence, Data-driven culture in organizations, Data-driven customer experience and the overall Data governance journey. 

DES 2017 is the right platform for you if you want to learn more about digitalizing your business and inducing a data-driven culture in your organization. You will get a chance to listen to the experiences of some of the best industry professionals by attending the event on 23rd May.

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DES-Digital Business World Congress 2017