Deep Learning: Artificial Intelligence Is Important?

You’ve probably comes to mind the question, whether the Artificial Intelligence (AI) is important ?; what are the benefits of AI for human life ?. So easy to understand I will deliver with a fictitious example, if the reader ever watched the movie Spiderman-2 wherein the antagonist named Dr. Octopus background a genius scientist who has discovered solar fusion energy, simply Dr. Octopus is able to create a clone of the sun in the lab, both in terms of form, the energy generated (as so many of the sun original), and also contains gravity, unless the heat because it was modified by the doctor, what attracted me here is that to control the ball sun the clone the doctor must use hand robot tentacles (such as octopus tentacles) and robotic tentacle arm has AI system, meaning before finding a replica sun ball turns out Dr. Octopus must try first to find the AI ​​system for robotic tentacle arms.

I mean that the AI ​​is very important, AI can be likened as a bridge to get to something more remarkable. Try to imagine how to send robots to Mars to investigate the resources there, you do not need to think about the food supply, the supply of oxygen and fuel robot can use nuclear (nuclear fuel) that resembles the USS George Washington belonged to America that can last up to 45 years without a refill , Not only that, you may send hundreds of thousands of robots which then build a base there, whether it’s base sieve uranium, base oil refiners and so on, or they can be found substances or new elements that are useful there is nothing on earth.

Yes, once again the robots that will work without human intervention without being controlled by humans from Earth. The robot has the AI ​​system each in the sense of being able to control himself, is able to learn about their own environment, able to analyze its own, capable of making their own decisions, able to repair the damage itself, simply if the robot falls robot will wake up alone, if the robot legs crushed stone then robot will seek a way to escape, was amazing.

So was it just a dream?
Of course not, I know it and I know the system works, how the processing or process input data in accordance views (distant objects or close), the sensor to the horizontal plane (corrugated, flat, liquid, solid, stable or unstable), sensor vertical plane (angle of 10 degrees, or 45 degrees, or 90 degrees and more), sensor moving object approaching or moving away, the measurement of high or low temperature, sound detection (an instruction), detection of life (body heat, heart rate, pulse, and etc.), and others that need to be detected, once again everything that needs to be detected to support the performance, because if things need to be detected is a variable then we no longer need to think about how the number of variables that could be included as a data input which is then processed to produce output.

So any form of output that?, There are various forms of output one output in the form of responses relating to motor robot, for example, if a robot in human form output can be either how to walk in media uneven (stony, sandy), how the robot climb in the vertical plane 45 degrees (hilly), how robots can climb (vertical plane 90 degrees), how the robot avoid the moving object approaching a big (huge rock rolling towards him), how the robot avoid the hot substance capable of destroying itself (volcanic eruptions, bombs, mountain lava flowing towards him), and many other forms of output.
Deep Learning: Artificial Intelligence Is Important?
So once again that this is not a dream or imagination, it is real and imminent.

If Japan had found the “body” as well as Honda’s Asimo robot, the Americans found a way to save energy as well as of nuclear-powered warship USS, then Indonesia found the “brain” not only is it may even be called a “soul” so that the robot can “live”.