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Data Science Predictions 2019

Data Science is a combination of data inference, algorithms, and technology that solves complex problems. The core of this technology is data that is initially raw, then is streamlined, and stored in a data warehouse. These vast amounts of data can help generate significant business values.


Data Science is all about discovering insights from data. It is like mining in the foundation level to understand the complex behavior, inferences, and trends. It is like drilling in to get new insights that can help businesses to make smarter decisions.

Even though 2018 was about new technology hype. But instead of us focusing on the buzz words we need to know what these technologies can do. Below are listed some data science prediction for the year 2019.

Data Science Prediction for 2019

1. Development of intuitive and efficient solutions

According to Siddhartha Agarwal, Vice President of Product Management & Strategy on Oracle Cloud Platform, developers will understand the importance of integrating data science models in their workflows in order to develop more efficient and intuitive solutions/products. They will partner will data scientists and build products to drive change.

Introducing Data Science makes products and software solutions much more intelligent. It provides the ability to predict specific user requirements by implementing machine learning algorithms. This collaboration will help them build smarter apps that can be fully customized to fulfill the precise needs and requirements of the users.

2. Machine learning will get mainstream

2019 is going to be the year when innovators are going to utilize AI, ML, and Analytics at their maximum, leaving the present and former technologies behind. The domain of data science will experience a boom, and there is going to be an explosion in unique practices and workflows to evolve the industries. Additionally, entrepreneurs will be more interested in investing in AI security startups signifying the potential it carries.

3. Sophisticated Data Teams

CEO of Periscope Data, Harry Glaser said 2019 would be the year of sophisticated data teams. It will emerge as a field with greater opportunities with bigger datasets by incorporating novel tools and techniques into their work. Languages like Python and R will come into the mainstream for analytics.

4. Substantial increase for Data Engineers

There is going to be an extensive demand for data engineers who have the power to convert the insights provided by data scientists into data-driven digital products and software to work on specific business needs. More and more businesses will be leveraging the power of data by the 2019 year end.

Data Science is going to trigger the development and experimentation of smart analytics that works on the principle of AI, embedded analytics, and real-time interactions. 2019 will get innovations in the domain of AO and analytics in order to provide entrepreneurs with the ability to make better-informed decisions.

5. Improvement in the field of AI and ML

In the coming year, AL and ML technology will be exploited to their fullest potential by collecting and analyzing data. Using computing platform, data will be gathered and processed in a way that companies can make informed decisions quickly.

Already implemented examples can be seen in the way virtual assistants recommend to customers future online purchases by analyzing their past purchases and interests.

6. Predictive Analysis will be used in the delivery pipeline

AI and ML will be integrated into a lot of delivery processes that will be designed to focus on increasing value rather than reducing waste. This strategy will help enhance skills for understanding specific consumer needs and getting better results with continuous improvement.

Netflix mines data of the user’s movie patterns to understand their preferences, and use them to make decisions on showing recommendations.

Let’s check out a defining role of Artificial intelligence in dynamic predictive analytics.

7. Revolutionizing Social Media landscape

This trend can already be seen in the area of social media. It has increased the usage of AI-powered image recognition technology offered by SML vendors. The technology has already been used by a few brands who are all open to face global demand. Data science is going to give the opportunity to social media marketers and experts in-depth customer insights and understand the behavior for product consumption in detail.

8. Data Science for Security Professionals

2019 will witness a huge demand for data science pipeline platforms. It will create a system that will capture, organize, and route data so that we can gain insight. Data pipelines also combine data from multiple sources for holistic and sensible analysis. These platforms along with others will control the realm of data science and will have a major impact on the development industry.

These predictions for 2019 are simple statements explaining how data science will play an important part in the evolution of the technological landscape in 2019. These predictions are going to explore new spaces for technical experts to build advanced solutions and enterprises to make use of these raw data efficiently for making better business decisions.