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Data Science is Changing the World for the Better: Here’s How


Data science, by definition, is an interdisciplinary field which makes use of scientific processes, methods, systems, and algorithms for extracting insights and knowledge from multiple structured and unstructured data.

But what does this semi-technical to understand definition mean for the world? 

Well, in reality. It means a lot. Enough to change how business processes and we interact with the digital world. In this article, we are going to look into the many ways data science is/can be used for. 

We will be dividing the article into two sections: A. How data science affects our everyday lives and B. How data science can change the entire world. 

A. How is Data Science Changing Our Lives 

1) Able to book a ride at a justified price

If you thought that booking a ride on-demand at the back of some clicks was genius, imagine this. Data science does all the homework of how crowded the route is, who is the nearest driver, the vehicle they have, and the weather and gives you an ETA and ride price. 

2) Receive your package in a day

Brands like Amazon make use of data science to judge which product will be demanded in which areas. This helps them keep the products in stock, so that they can be shipped in an instantaneous mode. 

Additionally, delivery agencies like the UPS make use of data science to estimate the traffic pattern, potential obstacles, and weather patterns to decide on the best route. 

3) Ability to find the next show to binge-watch 

On the basis of your entertainment consumption, video streaming applications guide you through the next thing to watch. In fact, channels like Netflix do not just use data science for their recommendation system but also to curate original content on the basis of mass user preference. 

4) Able to find a companion 

Dating apps have changed how modern-day love and companionship works. The matching algorithms that they use are based on the data science coming from the information feed in by the app users. 

B. How can Data Science Change the World

1) Preventing global warming 

According to the World Economic Forum, data can have a major role to play in knowing the impacts of climate change. The idea behind this is that through a mix of multiple overlapping data, coming in from the satellites, scientists will be able to monitor earth’s condition. 

The data from multiple satellites, mixed with the insights from organizations analyzing data coming in about deforestation and other similar insights would help get answers about climate change. 

2) Making the developing world empowered 

Presently, nations belonging to the developing world are fast collecting data sets which are related to a number of things: disease outbreaks, weather patterns, and even the everyday living conditions. To take the efforts further, tech giants like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and Facebook are also supporting the analytics programs in areas to ensure that they have all the information to convert data into actionable insights. 

If the efforts lead to something, these nations will be a lot more equipped for improving their agricultural performance, eliminate the sudden change in life-threatening weather events, limit the outbreaks of diseases like Swine Flu, extend the life expectancy, and above all, increase the overall quality of life and life expectancy.

3) Flattening the curve of Pandemics

In today’s time, the biggest problem staring at us is that of the coronavirus pandemic. The virus has confined everyone in their homes as the entire world is under lockdown, while the impact of COVID-19 on industries is more than grim and dire.  

The only strand of hope of getting out of this situation is through the understanding of the hotspots and how the virus is traveling between locations. An understanding that can only come through data analysis. Through data science capabilities, healthcare clinics and agencies can track the areas where the virus spread is mushrooming and pass the information to the health officials so that they can take timely action. 

So, here was our take on how data science can change the world and our everyday life. But now, there comes one important question. How is it made possible?

Data science makes use of prescriptive analysis, predictive casual analytics, and machine learning to make predictions and decisions. 

4) Predictive casual analytics: For data science to predict possibilities of an event in the future, you will have to apply the science of predictive casual analytics. 

5) Machine learning for pattern discovery and making predictions: For making predictions in case when you are unable to find hidden patterns inside the dataset, you would need machine learning technology for finding patterns. Likewise, if you have to develop a model which would identify the patterns and make predictions on the basis of them, you would again need to take help of machine learning. 

6) Prescriptive analytics: For creating a model which would have the ability to take its own decisions on the basis of intelligence and dynamic parameters, you would need the help of prescriptive analytics. 

Now that we have looked into what data science can do for the world and how, the only step left to take is to find use cases to make it come possible.