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Data Science: A Good Career Choice

Data-Science-such-a-popularData science can be considered to be a new buzzword in the world of technology. Data scientists and big data engineers hold the promise of high pay and excellent job growth. In order to explore this beautiful world of data science, it is essential to know:   

  • What is data science?  
  • Is data science a good career option?
  1. What is data science?  

Data scientists research the source of information, how data fit with each other to create a story, and what the patterns stand for and how they help understand business results.          

On a daily basis, data science means creating statistical models to make projections, econometrics, classification, clustering, simulations, and other objectives, prediction of user behavior through pattern or trend identification, thorough data analysis, conveying of data insights through data visualizations, and data summarization.   

  1. Is data science a good career option? 

Data science has experienced a 650% growth in jobs starting from 2012. Thus, the data science field is experiencing a huge rise in demand and is a good career choice.   

Data science can be considered as an intellectually demanding area of study and work. Much time is required to clean the data, import large datasets, build databases, and maintain dashboards. In order to stand tall as a data scientist, you are required to enjoy quantitative areas and be available about enabling firms to make data-driven decisions.  

As per LinkedIn, SQL is the essential skill asked for for data science jobs. In addition to this, Hadoop and Spark are also at a rise in popularity. You will be required to learn a programming language like Python, SAS, R. Also, you should revise your mathematical skills with a focus on probability and statistics, multivariate calculus, linear algebra. It would help if you also learned data visualization tools, for example, Tableau.  

It is also recommendable to learn coding as a beginner, as even a change in parameter can change results, and there is very little margin for making mistakes. As you advance in your career as a data scientist, you may choose to specialize in machine learning algorithms, natural language processing, and deep learning, many other related areas that have a basis in unstructured data and big data.  

To be successful as a data scientist, you should also possess soft skills like storytelling, teamwork, interpersonal skills, and communication skills. These skills can often not be grasped so well by textbooks but instead develops on the job in collaboration with the tech teams, stakeholders across product, business, and others.  

Benefits of studying and practicing data science  

The several advantages of data science areas give below:  

  1. Data science is in high demand  

According to LinkedIn, it is the fastest-growing career, and it is stated that there will be created 11.5 million data science jobs by 2026. This proves that it is a high-demand job area.   

In addition to the above information, it can be stated that only a very few people have the skills that make up a data scientist. This turns data science into a less saturated area as compared to other information technology areas. Data science is an exceedingly abundant area of work with tons of opportunities. This is so also due to the low supply of data scientists.  

  1. Career and payment in data science  

If you have a career in data science, you will be eligible for a highly paid job position. As per Glassdoor, data scientists earn on average USD 116,100 per annum. Thus, they make a very lucrative job position.   

  1. Data science is a versatile field  

There are a huge number of applications of data science. It is mainly used in banking, health- care, e-commerce industries, consultancy services. Thus, the applicability of data science is versatile. It will thus allow you to work in several fields.  

  1. Data science turns data to a better state  

Firms require skilled data scientists for processing and analyzing their data. Thus, they improve the quality of data as well as analyze it. For this reason, they work with enriching data and making it more useful for their company.  

This is also the reason why data scientists are so crucial for the firm. They make better business decisions. The firms are dependent on them and use their expertise to offer better solutions to the clients. This is the reason why they hold a special position in the company.  

  1. Freedom from boring tasks  

Data scientists have enabled several industries to perform automation of redundant tasks. Firms are making use of historical data to train machines in a way that they can perform repetitive activities. This has made simpler the arduous jobs down by people before.  


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