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Welcome to the Data Science Central Green Room, the place where writers can prep their posts, change their user account information, and check for updates. Check here when you log on for new information and alerts. When you first log on, I ask that you update your profile information. You can do so by clicking on the Users section of the Word Press sidebar (on the left-hand side) and selecting Profile. Upload a reasonable high-quality photograph of you or a logo if you are writing as a company, and write a bio section that describes who you are and why you are writing for DSC. This should eventually be used as a sidebar bio when people are looking at articles you’ve authored, but we’re not quite there yet.

If you have any questions, PLEASE contact me at [email protected] or call me at 443-837-8725 (email is MUCH preferred).

DSC Editorial Calendar for June 2022 

Every month, I’ll be updating this section with a lot of topics that I’m especially looking for in the coming month. These are more likely to be featured in our spotlight area. If you are interested in tackling one or more of these topics, we have the budget for dedicated articles. Please contact Kurt Cagle for details.

  • Bayesian Graphs
  • Gato and GPT-3
  • Labeled Property Graphs
  • Telescopes and Rovers
  • Data Meshes
  • ML Transformers
  • AGI
  • RTO vs WFH

If you are interested in posting something else, that’s fine too, but these are areas that we believe are hot right now.

DSC Weekly Digest

We publish the DSC Weekly Digest every Tuesday at 3 pm PST. This digest goes out to more than 150,000 people, so it can give you an added boost in getting your articles out. In order to prepare the digest, I will cease accepting new submissions for that week by Tuesday at 9 am PST, with no exceptions.

News and Technical Content

We are preparing to start publishing news content on DSC beginning in March 2022. These will generally be short (400-600 words), topical stories rather than editorial or technical content, and will be pushed through DSC channels. If you have a press release that you’d like us to follow up on, please contact either me, Kurt Cagle ([email protected]), or Scott Thompson ([email protected]). If you are interested in being interviewed for video news content, we are gearing up to do that as well. Finally, if you are interested in being a news writer for DSC, please contact me. We are currently working on a budget for this content, but I’m pulling together a list of those writers that would be comfortable writing news content regularly for a to-be-determined commission.

On a similar note, the site now has the capability of supporting code snippets and mathematic notation. We are encouraging ALL writers to use these features, especially if you’re looking at writing deep dives on topics. We can also host PowerPoint presentations and will be expanding into video channels in the next few months.

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