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Cloud Machine Learning APIs

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Cloud based machine learning services are slowly getting adoption among data scientists. Here are a list of cloud based machine learning APIs that can be used to run specific machine learning algorithms on your data set.

Amazon Machine Learning

Amazon Machine Learning (Amazon ML) is a robust Amazon Web Services (AWS) machine learning platform that allows software developers to build and train predictive applications and host those applications in a scalable AWS cloud solution.

Amazon Machine Learning provides APIs for modeling and management that allow you to create, review, and delete data sources, models, and evaluations. This allows you to automate the creation of new models when new data becomes available. You can also use the APIs to inspect previous models, data sources, evaluations, and batch predictions for tracking and repeatability.

Amazon Machine Learning, developers can create models that predict values of binary attributes (binary classification), categorical attributes (multi-class classification), or numeric attributes (regression).

IBM Watson

Watson Developer Cloud provides REST APIs and SDKs that use cognitive computing to solve complex problems. Cognitive services are adaptable, interactive, and contextual in the way they provide information.

IBM Watson offers following services

Speech to Text

Retrieve and Rank

Document Conversion

Tone Analyzer

Tradeoff Analytics

Relationship Extraction

Personality Insights

Visual Recognition

Visual Insights

Natural Language Classifier


Text to Speech

Concept Expansion

Concept Insights

Language Translation

Google Prediction API

Google’s cloud-based machine learning tools can help analyze your data to add the following features to your applications:

Customer sentiment analysis

Spam detection

Message routing decisions

Upsell opportunity analysis

Document and email classification


Churn analysis

Suspicious activity identification

Recommendation systems

Microsoft Azure Machine Learning APIs

Microsoft Azure Machine Learning APIs can help any developer create breakthrough apps and perform sophisticated data analysis without the need to be a data science expert.

The API lets you simply and quickly try advanced analytics features such as product recommendations, text analysis, and churn predictions on your own data.

Azure machine learning features APIs for

  1. Recommendations

  2. Text Analytics

  3. Customer Churn Prediction

  4. Face API

  5. Speech APIs

  6. Vision APIs


AlchemyAPI lets users do Text analysis, Image analysis and Data analysis.

AlchemyAPI offers 12 API functions as part of its text analysis service like Entity Extraction, Sentiment Analysis, Keyword Extraction, Concept Tagging, Relation Extraction, Taxonomy Classification.

AlchemyVision API employs deep learning innovations to understand a picture’s content and context.

AlchemyVision sees complex visual scenes in their entirety—without needing any textual clues— leveraging a holistic approach to understanding the multiple objects and surroundings in common smartphone photos and online images.

AlchemyData provides news and blog content enriched with natural language processing to allow for highly targeted search and trend analysis.


BigML is a service for cloud-hosted machine learning and data analysis. Users can set up a data source, create a dataset, create a model from the dataset, and then make predictions based on the data. The BigML API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of BigML with other applications and to create new applications. Public documentation is not available; API access comes with account and service.