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Book: Introduction to Statistics

Authored by Henry Gersh, with Habiba Emadi. 

Data analysis will be invaluable to any student that is considering studying Statistics at University, College or High School. The book contains both Descriptive and 1-sample Inferential Statistics and is crammed with easy to understand examples, solved problems and supplementary questions.

The book also includes 5 complete trial exams with very detailed solutions. The trial exams contain a grading system that allows students to see what level they are at. The book encourages students to work through the many questions in every topic thereby reinforcing student’s understanding of basic concepts.



  • Data and Data Sets 
  • Displaying Data 
  • Numerical Summaries 
  • Relationships between variables 
  • Introduction to Probability 
  • Probability Distributions ( BINOMIAL , POISSON , NORMAL) 
  • Sampling & Sampling Distributions 
  • Interval Estimation (1-sample) 
  • Hypothesis Testing (1-sample) 
  • Regression Analysis (linear) 
  • Time-Series and Index Numbers 

The book is available, here.

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