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New Book : Big Data in Engineering Applications

BOOK : Big Data in Engineering Applications, SPRINGER. Editors: Roy, S.S., Samui, P., Deo, R., Ntalampiras, S. (Eds.).

Dear All,

The most anticipated book titled “Big Data in Engineering Applications” has been published by Springer.

This book presents the current trends, technologies, and challenges in Big Data in the diversified field of engineering and sciences. It covers the applications of Big Data ranging from conventional fields of mechanical engineering, civil engineering to electronics, electrical, and computer science to areas in pharmaceutical and biological sciences. The book is a useful reference for graduate students, researchers, and scientists interested in exploring the potential of Big Data in the application of engineering areas.

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  • Parallel Generation of Very High Resolution Digital Elevation Models: High-Performance Computing for Big Spatial Data Analysis. Zheng, Minrui (et al.) Pages 21-39
  • Big-Data Analysis of Process Performance: A Case Study of Smart Cities. Vera-Baquero, Alejandro (et al.) Pages 41-63
  • Implementing Scalable Machine Learning Algorithms for Mining Big Data: A State-of-the-Art Survey. Skënduli, Marjana Prifti (et al.) Pages 65-81
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  • Scalable Framework for Cyber Threat Situational Awareness Based on Domain Name Systems Data Analysis. Vinayakumar, R. (et al.) Pages 113-142
  • Big Data in HealthCare. Ramírez, Margarita Ramírez (et al.) Pages 143-159
  • Facing Up to Nomophobia: A Systematic Review of Mobile Phone Apps that Reduce Smartphone Usage. Bychkov, David (et al.) Pages 161-171
  • A Fast DBSCAN Algorithm with Spark Implementation. Han, Dianwei (et al.) Pages 173-192
  • Understanding How Big Data Leads to Social Networking Vulnerability. Mansour, Romany F. Pages 193-201
  • Big Data Applications in Health Care and Education. Tripathy, B. K. Pages 203-219
  • BWT: An Index Structure to Speed-Up Both Exact and Inexact String Matching. Chen, Yangjun (et al.) Pages 221-264
  • Traffic Condition Monitoring Using Social Media Analytics. Adetiloye, Taiwo (et al.) Pages 265-278
  • Modelling of Pile Drivability Using Soft Computing Methods. Zhang, Wengang (et al.) Pages 279-301
  • Three Different Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Computing Techniques for Forecasting Long-Period Daily Streamflows. Kisi, Ozgur (et al.) Pages 303-321
  • Prediction of Compressive Strength of Geopolymers Using Multi-objective Feature Selection. Garanayak, Lasyamayee (et al.) Pages 323-346
  • Application of Big Data Analysis to Operation of Smart Power Systems. Madadi, Sajad (et al.) Pages 347-362
  • A Structural Graph-Coupled Advanced Machine Learning Ensemble Model for Disease Risk Prediction in a Telehealthcare Environment. Lafta, Raid (et al.) Pages 363-384