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Blockchain Technology Is Helping To Battle Against Coronavirus!

COVID-19 coronavirus has affected humans, the economy, and communities in multiple ways. Now the lockdown is gradually becoming a new norm during the pandemic. Social distancing is practiced worldwide to curb the pandemic spread, and governments are putting their best foot forward to address these problems. However, amid this virus, the lack of reliable data is also another challenge that is faced by the world. 

Blockchain Technology Is Helping To Battle Against Coronavirus!

Having a reliable and robust system to transmit information, is the need of the hour, and here nothing fits the demand but Blockchain technology. In such demanding times, Blockchain has proven its worth and has become a powerful ally. Today, multiple service platforms are utilizing this technology to offer assistance in the best way possible.

Just keep scrolling this post further to understand how blockchain is offering great assistance in this uncertain crisis hours.

Coronavirus and Blockchain technology

It is much visible to all of us that COVID-19 outbreak was uncertain, and has changed the way the world around us operates. Now people on the global forefront are facing the brunt of lockdown, and are forced to stay indoors, to stop the spread of the virus. And this changed lifestyle has brought many challenges to us, like supply management, getting the right information, product verification to name a few. 

However, to survive these obstacles, Blockchain is supporting efforts around the globe to battle the virus. With the help of this technology, it has become easier to ship medicines from pharmaceuticals to affected areas and carry out other functionalities, that can improve our day-to-day life.

Let’s get on a quick tour to understand how technology is playing its role in helping to win the obstacle of COVID-19.


Blockchain is monitoring donations and resources

Everyone around the globe is trying their level best to fight against the crisis, and in this run, companies, and individuals are making generous donations to face the challenge. However, it is very obvious to lose the track of these donations amid crisis. However, with the help of Blockchain technology, you can keep track of the origin of donations and guarantee every step until they reach their recipients.

Distribute the essentials efficiently

Distributing resources appropriately is another challenge, that bugs down companies and individuals amid pandemic. It becomes a tedious job to know what equipment or medicines or essentials is available at where, and where it demands most. However, with the help of blockchain, it becomes easier to manage, allocate, and distribute the essentials evenly, so there would not be a problem faced anywhere.

Blockchain to control the flow of information

The right information amid pandemic is nothing less than a blessing, but amid such a crisis there are chances of receiving the fake news and information, that can trigger panic. But here Blockchain technology comes as a savior and ensures to receive and share quality information. It works with data acquired from different countries and official bodies, and then further share it. And this piece of information will share the number of infected, deceased, and recovered patients across the world. It also allows to early detection of coronavirus patients and the critical contagion points.

Manage prescriptions and identities with blockchain

Many blockchain applications are helping amid COVID-19. And some of the apps are helping to manage the supply of medicine. With this new technology, it has become easier for the healthcare industry to protect the identity of patients, and maintain their security. This technology will reduce the burden on the healthcare system and handle the different demands from the users to fight against coronavirus.

Product verification with Blockchain 

It has been observed that fake products and medical equipment are on the rise amid pandemic. So it is highly significant for the healthcare agencies to keep track of their whereabouts to ensure they are genuine. With the help of Blockchain, it becomes easier, as it allows users to get an open, distributed record of transactions. And this record can be seen by anyone, but no one can modify or delete the record.


The supply chain becomes a digital chain

With the help of blockchain technology, it becomes easier to get transactions that are transparent and traceable. This helps in turning a supply chain into a digital “chain” of permanently visible “blocks”. By practicing this, it becomes easier to maintain trust among different parties. Also, it turns out to be an easy journey to trace and confirm the source of public announcements, helping to eliminate fake information.

Controls the price inflation of health equipment

Blockchain helps in controlling the price inflation, as it keeps a track on sending the right equipment to the right people and further helps in distributing the costs fairly and transparently.

Access data as per your ease

To handle certain specific health conditions patients, the doctors must access the health record, which can be a very time-consuming exercise. Also, there are chances of mismanagement of those records, and, in worst-case scenarios, it can even lead to misdiagnoses. However, with the help of digitalization of records through blockchain, healthcare practitioners can reduce those inefficiencies, and offer a reliable treatment in the time of crisis, without asking patients to move out and visit them.

Blockchain preventing the spread of pandemic

Blockchain is a technology that is not preventing the emergence of the new virus but is controlling the spread of the virus. It helps in creating the first line of rapid defense via a network of connected devices. These devices ensure to provide alerts about the disease outbreak and further helps in halting the spread, by letting early detection of epidemics, fast-tracking drug trials, and encourage the seamless management of outbreaks and treatment. It becomes easier for healthcare practitioners to manage healthcare methods to stop global contagion.

Wrap Up

In the current frantic and changing world where everything is going through uncertainty, blockchain is offering a point of reliability. And this very technology is offering a source to battle the evil effects of COVID-19. It goes without saying but Blockchain developers are putting their best foot forward to bring the unique advantages of this technology. And will help the global economy to provide widespread aid amid the crisis.

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