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Big Data: From Buzz Word To Business Benefits

This article has been contributed by Chris Landry . He is the  Managing Director of Colourfast

Big data analytics is long thought to be a game changer. Many of us will have read a plethora of articles online, outlining how it will revolutionize companies, and drastically improve their efficiency.

A study by the Business Application Research Center analyzed how companies around the world are utilizing big data analytics. Over 40% of companies use big data analytics but the results can vary. It can often be difficult for companies to incorporate the required changes, and while they will have identified big data’s benefits, there may be resistance to change across departments. To successfully incorporate big data analytics, it needs to become part of the company ethos and this usually begins with senior management. If senior management aren’t embracing it, it’s difficult to expect people lower down in the company to embrace it.

In this infographic you will gain insight in to the growth of big data analytics in the biggest companies around the world. It details the benefit of big data analytics and the obstacles companies face to make it a part of integrated business processes.

Big Data: From Buzz Word To Business Benefits