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New Book: Creating Value with Social Media Analytics

My new book may be of interest to some members.

Often termed as the ‘new gold,’ the vast amount of social media data can be employed to identify which customer behavior and actions create more value. Nevertheless, many brands find it extremely hard to define what the value of social media is and how to capture and create value with social media data.
In Creating Value with Social Media Analytics, we draw on developments in social media analytics theories and tools to develop a comprehensive social media value creation framework that allows readers to define, align, capture, and sustain value through social media data. The book offers concepts, strategies, tools, tutorials, and case studies that brands need to align, extract, and analyze a variety of social media data, including text, actions, networks, multimedia, apps, hyperlinks, search engines, and location data. By the end of this book, the readers will have mastered the theories, concepts, strategies, techniques, and tools necessary to extract business value from big social media that help increase brand loyalty, generate leads, drive traffic, and ultimately make sound business decisions. Here is how the book is organized. 

Chapter 1: Creating Value with Social Media Analytics
Chapter 2: Understanding Social Media
Chapter 3: Understanding Social Media Analytics
Chapter 4: Analytics-Business Alignment
Chapter 5: Capturing Value with Network Analytics
Chapter 6: Capturing Value with Text Analytics
Chapter 7: Capturing Value with Actions Analytics
Chapter 8: Capturing Value with Search Engine Analytics
Chapter 9: Capturing Value with Location Analytics
Chapter 10: Capturing Value with Hyperlinks Analytics
Chapter 11: Capturing Value with Mobile Analytics
Chapter 12: Capturing Value with Multimedia Analytics
Chapter 13: Social Media Analytics Capabilities
Chapter 14: Social Media Security, Privacy, & Ethics

Praises for the book
“Gohar F. Khan has a flair for simplifying the complexity of social media analytics. Creating Value with Social Media Analytics is a beautifully delineated roadmap to creating and capturing business value through social media. It provides the theories, tools, and creates a roadmap to leveraging social media data for business intelligence purposes. Real world analytics cases and tutorials combined with a comprehensive companion site make this an excellent textbook for both graduate and undergraduate students.”
—Robin Saunders, Director of the Communications and Information Management Graduate Programs, Bay Path University. 

“Creating Value with Social Media Analytics offers a comprehensive framework to define, align, capture, and sustain business value through social media data. The book is theoretically grounded and practical, making it an excellent resource for social media analytics courses.”
—Haya Ajjan, Director & Associate Professor, Elon Center for Organizational Analytics, Elon University. 

“Gohar Khan is a pioneer in the emerging domain of social media analytics. This latest text is a must-read for business leaders, managers, and academicians, as it provides a clear and concise understanding of business value creation through social media data from a social lens.”
—Laeeq Khan, Director, Social Media Analytics Research Team, Ohio University.

“Whether you are coming from a business, research, science or art background, Creating Value with Social Media Analytics is a brilliant induction resource for those entering the social media analytics industry. The insightful case studies and carefully crafted tutorials are the perfect supplements to help digest the key concepts introduced in each chapter.”
—Jared Wong, Social Media Data Analyst, Digivizer

“Creating Value with Social Media Analytics is one of the most comprehensive books on social media analytics that I have come across recently.”
—Bobby Swar, Assistant Professor, Concordia University of Edmonton, Canada. 

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