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Best Data Science Certifications In 2022


Over a span of the recent few years, data science has become an integral part of all the major industry sectors, ranging from agriculture, marketing analytics, public policy, to fraud detection, risk management, and marketing optimization. One of the goals of data science is to resolve the many issues that preside within the economy at large, and its other branches and individual sectors, through the use of machine learning, predictive modeling, statistics, and data preparation.

Data science emphasizes the utilization of the general methods but without changing its application, no matter what its domain is. In this way, this approach is a lot more different from the other traditional statistics scenario that usually tends to focus solely upon seeking specific solutions to particular domains or sectors. Data science leaders aim to provide a standard solution than providing tailored solutions specific to each problem. It enhances the growth as well as the development of the organization by intelligently gaining the maximum amount of information about the consumers and campaigns through data analysis techniques and data mining.

1. The Importance of Data Science –

Helps the business to gain a deeper and enhanced understanding of their customer base –

It is needless to say that for the success or failure of every business, their consumer base plays the biggest role. With the help of data science skills, businesses are able to connect with their customers in a much more personalized way. This in return ensures better brand power as well as customer engagement.

Helps businesses communicate their story in a much more powerful and engaging manner –

If a brand is able to comprehensively use the data that is provided through this process, not only can brands share their story in a much more engaging way with their target audience? It is needless to say that at the end of the day nothing connects with a brand with its consumer base than an effective story that is capable of inculcating human emotions. 

The Results of Data Science Is accessible and useful for all industries –

One of the biggest advantages of data science is that its results and findings can be applied to almost each and every industry, such as healthcare, retail, travel, education, and so on. The tools provided by data science not only helps brands to solve their complex IT problems, but it is also helpful in resource management, human resource, customer service, and so on.

2. Best Data Science Certifications to watch out for in 2022 –

1. SAS Certified Big Data Professional –

One of the best data science certifications, the SAS Certified Big Data Professional teaches to its students all the basic steps that you might need to learn in order to step into the data science industry, starting from the introductory statistics, SAS programming skills, data management as well as manipulation, how to use SAS, visual exploration of data, techniques to enhance data quality, and much more. You will learn how to recognize challenges that may come up while dealing with big data and the ways to overcome them, as well as the ways to access, manipulate and transform data.

2. IBM Data Science Professional Certificate –

This data science certification course is aimed to help beginners to gain an understanding of the fundamental concepts of data science, the roles, and responsibilities of a data scientist, what approaches are the most suitable to solve particular data science problems, and how to fluently use data science tools such as IBM cloud, RStudio IDE, and Jupyter notebooks. Not only that but you will also gain the necessary data science skills that help in building, testing, and training data models.

3. USDSI„¢ (www.usdsi.org) –

The United States Data Science Institute (USDSI„¢) is an organization that gives out in-depth as well as high-end certifications for those who aspire to learn data science at a professional level. Being a global leader in terms of data science organizational innovation, transformation, and leadership, USDSI thoroughly researches and designs its data science course to be capable of certifying candidates who have the talents and skills required to excel in this field. They provide 3 data science certifications €“ Certified Data Science Professional (CDSP), Certified Lead Data Scientist (CLDS), and Certified Senior Data Scientist (CSDS). All of these cater to every section of the Data Science profession. They claim that their program content is the most industry-relevant and is vetted by 30+ SMEs from the industry. All of their programs are self-paced and include eBooks, videos, workshops, and practice codes with 150+ hours of learning for each program.

4. HarvardX€™s Data Science Professional Certificate –

If you are willing to build a strong career in the field of data science, HarvardX offers both free as well as paid professional data science courses that are guaranteed to give you a head start in this industry. This wildly popular program shall not only give you the necessary skills and knowledge it requires to tackle the challenges that may arise while implementing data science in an organization in the real world. Not only that, but this course also covers all the fundamental concepts of the data science industry including machine learning, regression, inference, probability, and so much more. It shall also teach you R programming, data visualization, data wrangling, git version control, and file organization.

5. Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Scientist Associate –

A certification course that is the best suited for those who are interested to learn about azure or are already working on it, the Microsoft Certified Azure Data Scientist Associate course both measures your skills in designing as well as in the implementation of the Azure software. Being a beginner-level certification course, you shall gain knowledge of the field from the basic concepts themselves, but it is recommended that you have prior knowledge in the relevant field beforehand. What makes the course ideal for data scientists is that it is mainly based upon learning how to use the Azure machine learning service, and it is something that is based learned with hands-on experience.

Final Words

In this article, we have covered all the courses that a data science enthusiast must consider pursuing. However, to understand which course is that best suited for you, you must also consider numerous other factors such as relevance with career, relevance with education qualification, the relevance of cross-platform, and cost. We hope that this article was of help to you!