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Benefits of improving data quality


As the digital world continues to become more competitive, everyone is trying to understand their customers better and make finance, development, and marketing decisions based on real data for a better ROI.

Bad data is misleading and would be even more detrimental to your business than a lack of data at all. Organizations may also be forced to abide by data quality guidelines because of compliance issues. If your business€™s data is not properly maintained or organized, you may struggle to demonstrate compliance. They find themselves in possession of sensitive personal and financial data such as banks may particularly face more stringent data management prerequisites, if not complied.

Good data quality enables:

Effective decision making: Good quality data leads to accurate and realistic decision-making and also boosts your confidence as you make the decisions. It takes away the need to guesstimate and saves you the unnecessary costs of trials and errors.

More focused: As part of the value chain proposition, it€™s critical you know who your prospects are €“ something that you can only manage analyzing and understanding data. Using high-quality data from your current customer base, you can create user personas and anticipate the needs of the new opportunities and target markets.

Efficient marketing: There are many forms of digital marketing out there, and each one of them works differently for different products in various niches. Good data quality will help you identify what€™s working and what€™s not.

Better customer relationships: You cannot succeed in any industry if you have poor customer relations. Most people only want to do business with brands they can trust. Creating that bond with your customers starts with understanding what they want.

Competitive Advantage: Being in possession of good quality data gives you a clearer picture of your industry and its dynamics. Your marketing messages will be more specific, and your projections in market changes will bear more accuracy. It will also be easier for you to anticipate the needs of your customers, which will help you beat your rivals to sales.

An AI-augmented data platform, such as DQLabs, would help you detect and address poor data quality issues without the need for much human effort. Since it is AI-based, it will discover patterns and, if possible, tune itself to curb data quality issues of the type it has come across before.