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Become a certified data scientist with these data science certifications


Worldwide the necessity of data science has become very vital in many industries, they are using it to grab valuable insights to stay ahead of the competition. Each industry has a massive amount of data that they don€™t know what to do with it. The need for professionals in data science has grown immensely in all industries because only they can understand the data.

People who choose a career path in data science can prove their skills in big data platforms by doing certification programs through several learning institutions that offer certified data scientists both online as well as offline.

If one wants to get certification in data science, then there are many ways they can choose from. In this article, let€™s dive deeper and know the best certifications that are in high demand to be an expert in data science.

SAS certification

SAS offers multiple data science certifications that are mainly focused on SAS products. One among them is SAS Certified Big Data Professional Using SAS 9 offers registrants insights into Big Data with the help of a variety of open-source tools and SAS Data Management tools. They will be using intricate ML models to create business recommendations for deploying the models at scale with the help of a robust and flexible SAS environment. To attain a SAS Certified Big Data Professional Using SAS 9 the applicant is required to pass all 5 exams that consist of short-answer, interactive questions, and a mix of multiple-choice. These are the following five exams:

· SAS Certified Big Data Professional:

  1. SAS Big Data Programming and Loading
  2. SAS Big Data Preparation, Statistics and Visual Exploration

· SAS Certified Advanced Analytics Professional:

  1. SAS Advanced Predictive Modeling
  2. Predictive Modeling Using SAS Enterprise Miner 7, 13, or 14
  3. SAS Text Analytics, Time Series, Experimentation and Optimization

Data Science Council of America (DASCA) certifications

DASCA is an industry-recognized certification body, which provides certifications for senior data scientists. These certifications provide professionals best acumen and capabilities to anticipate and appreciate the requirement to deploy the latest Data Science techniques, tools, and concepts to manage as well as to harness Big Data across various verticals, environments, and markets. DASCA tests every person€™s ability with the world’s most robust generic data science knowledge framework. The certification programs include a complete range of essential areas of knowledge. It approaches, initiatives and programs work toward developing every professional€™s knowledge to address the challenging objectives of Big Data stakeholders globally. 

Data Science professionals across 183 countries can take DASCA certification exam. Take these certification programs and study from the most advanced Big Data learning resources ever. Its certifications are based on the renowned and comprehensive Data Science Body of Knowledge (DASCA-DSBoK„¢) designed around the seminal Data Science Essential Knowledge Framework (DASCA-EKF„¢).

Being a certified data scientist professional will help you to perfect for reaching horizons of information, specially designed for big data engineers, big data analysts, and data scientists. The following are the certifications: The following certifications are:

· Data Scientist Certifications

DASCA Data Scientist Certifications address credentialing needs of senior, accomplished professionals that specialize in managing and leading big data strategies and programs for firms and have proven competence in leveraging big data technologies for generating mission-critical information for firms and businesses. 

The SDS„¢ credential is a perfect proof that an individual has taken a massive step in mastering the field of data science. The skills and knowledge one can attain by doing this certification will set them ahead of the competition. This credential program has five tracks, which will appeal to various applicants €” each track has different prerequisites in terms of degree-level, work experience and requirements to apply. 

  • Principal Data Scientist (PDS„¢)

This credential consists of three tracks for professionals with 10 or more years of experience in big data. The exam covers basics to advanced data science concepts that include big data best practices, business strategies for data, developing cross-company support, ML, NLP, scholastic modeling and more.

SDS„¢, PDS„¢ credentials exam duration is 100€“minutes online exam. And a complete exam preparation kit will be offered by DASCA.

Dell EMC Education Services certification

The Dell EMC Education Services provides Data Science and Big Data Analytics Certification to evaluate the in-depth knowledge of a person in data analytics. The exam especially lays emphasis on analyzing and exploring data with R, data analytics lifecycle, creating statistical models, choosing accurate data visualization tools, and applying several analytic techniques, Data Science aspects like Natural Language Processing (NLP), random forests, logistic regression. There are no specific pre-requisites to enroll in this certification program.

To summarize

By doing a certification program is very useful as it ensures to improve the skills and a person can be a valuable asset to the company in which they work in. Certifications are the perfect investment when an individual wants to grow in their respective careers.