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Autonomous Cars: See how future cars will have the mind of their own

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Here is a blog post featuring a great article of Autonomous cars. Its written by Karen Smith at Goatsofftheroad.

Autonomous cars are on the urge of transforming future of automobile industry. Autonomous cars are self-driving cars with having features like tracking the position of large objects at long range, detecting the edge of the road and lane markings and detect the nearby vehicles while parking with the help of radars and ultrasonic sensors. Radars play a vital role while running an autonomous vehicle making use of sophisticated algorithms and GPS systems.

Recently a firm Navigant reviewed 18 companies which are making autonomous cars for a study, in which they analysed companies over 10 different criteria and they revealed the Ford is at a head pack of self-driving tech followed by GM. As ford is developing their cars with Advance features than others, they were ranked at the top. This study broke autonomous car developers in 4 categories- Leaders, contenders, challengers and followers. Surprisingly this study puts Tesla and Waymo in contenders group and Uber, nuTonomy in challengers group. Like ford and tesla, there are many other companies in the race and each of them is trying to come up with some unique astonishing features.

German company Daimler has recently signed a partnership with Bosch to offer fully automated vehicles with SAE level4 and SAE level5 specification. Those of you who doesn’t know about autonomous cars, SAE level4 autonomy involves vehicles that are fully automated, in that human driver can have conventional controls available but intervention will not be needed. SAE level5 autonomy involves vehicles that are fully autonomous and does not even come with controls for regular driving. Google already started working on such type of vehicles protocol.

The following infographic “The growth of autonomous car market” has described some astonishing results and news feeds of these robotic cars. Some of the key points are shared below

  • History of autonomous cars
  • Challenges involved in engineering
  • DARPA’s involvement in testing autonomous cars
  • Advent of Google X
  • Future of autonomous car market
  • Science behind creating autonomous vehicles


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