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Artificial Intelligence Is Spurring Innovation In The Field Of Education!

Artificial Intelligence is spreading its wings almost everywhere. Starting from the businesses to even the agricultural fields, AI is powering the world in many ways than one. There have been various discussions surrounding the fact that AI has the potential to impact the education sector as well. There seems to be various possibilities that Artificial Intelligence is expected to spur innovation in the field of education. Starting from becoming a latest form of technology for the colleges to being adopted in schools, there seems to be a whole lot of things expected from AI entering in the education industry and specifically in the ed-tech sector!

How is the collaboration of Artificial Intelligence and Education Technology make a difference?

Ed-tech or Education technology has revamped the way how education is imparted. The education arena is one of those spheres who have wholeheartedly adopted latest technologies like Artificial Intelligence to automate, and to improve their performance. Though, at the moment we don’t really have AI-based, self-aware robots, but still there is a lot that AI has done in the ed-tech sector. And, in future Artificial Intelligence is undoubtedly expected to transform the way ed-tech sector operates.

One of the major impacts of AI in the ed-tech sector would be personalized education. AI powered programs would be perfect to impart personalized education to the students. Firms like Carnegie Learning are already trying to make useful and workable AI powered programs for the people. One of the key areas where AI powered programs are really helping the students is in solving tough mathematics’ questions. By offering a one-on-one teacher-student experience, such programs are able to impart high quality teaching. This is just one area, AI is expected to impact ed-tech in a big way and we are all ready to see the magic!

Benefits of the implementation of AI in education industry

AI would also lead to the automation of work in the education sector, especially related to grading or record keeping. AI powered programs will completely automate the grading and record keeping functionalities. As, most of work related to reporting and grading will be easily taken over by AI, thus, human teachers will have more time and energy left for the students as there won’t be much bookkeeping left for them.


In fact, Artificial Intelligence based programs are expected to assist the teachers as well. They are expected to offer support to the teachers. Apart from helping them with grading, there are various other activities which can be handled by AI based programs as well, including interacting with the students. In fact, it has already been tried as well. There was a one college professor who used an AI chatbot to communicate with the class as a teaching assistant. The experiment turned out to be pretty surprising as none of the students could realize that they are talking to an AI powered machine and not a teacher.

Artificial Intelligence will bring the world closer

We already know the fact that Education doesn’t have any limits. But, now Artificial Intelligence is breaking almost all the possible boundaries. Artificial Intelligence is expected to bring about revolutionary changes. As, latest technology will make it a cakewalk for the teachers from anywhere in the world to impart learning anywhere else. Also, there would be a large spectrum of courses available. At the same time, learnings through the AI powered programs would be limitless. Thus, AI is definitely going to transform the ed-tech sector in many ways!

Artificial Intelligence is going to transform the world and education industry is not left behind either. The technology has the power to sur innovation everywhere. Therefore, planned and proper use of AI in the field of education is expected to make the sector more powerful. At the same time, it is also going to impact various other aspects related to educational institutions as well. For example, the educational institutes will function in a much better way if Artificial Intelligence is integrated in the best way possible. Thus, AI seems to have a lot of potential to make the educational space a lot more efficient and quick.