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Android Or Ios – Which Platform Should You Choose For Developing Your App

  • AdilKhan 


Mobile application development is among the most consistently growing sectors in software production. There has been an increasing demand for fast and user-friendly apps in recent years. A certain statistic reveals that in the year 2020 alone it is calculated users spend an average of 87% of the total time online on mobile apps. When you are opting for any app development there are two platforms to choose from-Android and iOS. These two platforms are the leading platforms worldwide. Both iOS and Android have incredible development options. Before making the decision as to which platform you would choose to build your app you must thoroughly go through the comparison between the two. This article will give you an overview of both the platform’s perks and perils and also point out the differences.

After you have decided which platform you will go ahead with, the next step is to choose the developers. Whether you hire ios app developer or you hire an android app developer, make sure they are technically sound and have proper knowledge for your app development.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of iOS App Development

iOS app development is always high in demand. This is because the iOS apps all the time perform extremely well. The platform is very fast, the reliability factor is very high, very user-friendly, and very few bugs to be found in the final output of the developed app.

An Experience that is sleek and flawless

The iOS platform provides the developers with detailed guidelines. So when you hire an ios app developer they get the detailed guidelines from the iOS platform. These detailed guidelines help the developers in the creation of a user interface. So when you hire an ios app developer they can easily create a user interface for the applications. Though this interface may sometimes be limited to a few. But on the other hand, this approach usually guarantees the security of an exceptional user experience.

The Drawbacks of iOS development

For native iOS app development, the developers require software like XCode which runs on Mac. So when you hire an ios app developer for app development for iOS Smartphones he/she will always need at least one piece of Apple technology.

Extra Demanding  requirements for App release

The Apple App Store is a bit extra demanding in comparison to Google Play Store. Even if your app did not break any rules as per the Apple store guidelines still your app can be rejected if your app is found to be not relevant or is found to be of less use. So when you hire iOS app developer make sure that he/she is well versed with the guidelines of the Apple Play Store  and the app he/she develops is well enough to be accepted on the Apple Play Store.

Less Options for Customization 

In a later stage after your app gets developed and published on Apple Play Store and you feel like customizing the app’s interface it gets restricted, so you lose the option of customizing your app. And also it would be difficult to add some new features if at any stage the app requires interaction with some other third-party software.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Android App Development


Normally, Android has a less restricted environment than iOS. Regarding distribution, these applications run on any Android device. Also, the issues with hardware compatibility are not there. Thus the development process is much more flexible for Android.

Availability of huge and elaborate learning resources

The Android platform also allows a smoother development process by depending on the Java language. Java is an extremely versatile programming language that supports Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. This feature allows the developers to develop Android applications regardless of the operating system the machine is running on. Google provides a vast knowledge base for beginners, provides interactive materials, exercises whole training programs for the different levels of Android developers.

Easy Publishing of  app

In regards to publishing the apps, Google is less lenient. Google allows the developers to post on the Google play store. Previously the review process was performed automatically within 7 hours, but now it takes up to a week for the new app developers. In spite of this new rule almost all the Android apps that are not violating the policies get approved. Moreover, the app developers pay a very small registration fee.

The ability to go beyond the Smartphones

Developing any Android application means building software for the complete ecosystem of devices. Thus you can expand your app’s functionality. The app runs on Wear OS devices, Daydream and Cardboard VR headsets, Android Auto, and various other platforms. It also gives you the power to integrate your application into cars, smartwatches, TVs with mobile phones.

Issues with quality assurance

Fragmentation is very beneficial. It allows the developer to develop for different Android platforms simultaneously. But it makes the testing process very complicated. For the simplest of the apps, the app developers have to deliver fixes at frequent intervals. This is because the majority of users keep using the older version of the OS even after the upgrades. So hire an android app developer who is well equipped with this above feature.

Higher Cost and time requirement

Developing an android app is more time-consuming than an iOS app. Thus as the Android app takes more time in development and quality assurance the cost increases too.

Availability of more free apps affecting in-app purchases

Android app users look for free apps, so they spend less on in-app purchases than an iOS app user does. So the return on investment is not always high.

Security issues

Android platform is an open-source platform, so there is always a chance of becoming a victim of cyber fraud. Whereas the iOS platform is a much more closed counterpart and cyber attacks are rare.

A breif comparison of  iOS vs. Android development 

Both Android app development and iOS are gaining popularity over time. Both have brighter future prospects for the next few years. Both the platforms will hold the market with the present strength and none is going to lose popularity.

If you are planning to develop an app that provides extensive additional content or a retail app that you may buy, then iOS will give you more opportunities for making a profit.

Android apps are more popular among users belonging to medical or technical fields. Whereas, iOS-based technology is popular among high-end business professionals, sales experts, and senior managers, and also the iOS built technology is preferred by the audience of higher household income along with the strive to keep up with the trends in technology.

Android development has greater global coverage; the audience is from Africa, Latin America, and parts of Europe. Whereas the iOS has the targeted audience is from Australia, North America, or Western Europe.

So which platform to choose first?

When you are deciding which platform to choose between iOS development or Android development, the following factors should be kept in account:

  • The location of the User
  • The budget you are willing to spend for the development of the app and also development time requirements.
  • You should also keep in account how much unique interface you want for the app development.

To Conclude 

Both Android operating systems and iOS operating systems dominate the market. Both have a good future prospect and outlook. Both the operating systems have an extremely large user in all existing fields.  It can be judiciously mentioned that to hire android app developer your application will solely be directed by the application you are developing and the future plans you have for it.