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AI in SEO: 5 Ways to Use AI to Boost Website Rankings


Artificial intelligence (AI) has taken the business world by storm with its innovative applications in almost every field. In fact, 50% of businesses use AI in some form or another.

SEO is no exception to this and the use of AI in SEO is growing multifold. From content optimization to link building, AI is being used for SEO in multiple ways.

But, why is it important to use AI in SEO and how does that improve website performance?

Find out the answer in the following sections.

Why is It Important to Use AI for SEO?

Artificial intelligence plays an important role in SEO tasks from keyword research to content optimization. Even the search engines use AI for their ranking algorithms and Google€™s RankBrain and BERT are good examples of this.

Using AI in SEO will make the ranking process more efficient.

AI and SEO together form a powerful combination that can help improve website rankings and overall search performance.

Most tasks that you need to do for SEO, like keyword research and optimized content creation, can be done better using AI.

Want to learn how AI can help with SEO?

Find that out in the next section.

5 Ways to Use AI for Search Engine Optimization

Now that you know that AI is important for SEO, let€™s understand how exactly it helps.

In this section, you will learn how to use AI for SEO to improve your website€™s search rankings and performance. Use these as a guide for using AI for SEO.

Ready to get started?

Here you go.

1. Find the Right Keywords

One of the most common uses of AI in SEO is to find the right keywords to target through your website content.

There are many AI-based keyword research tools that you can use to find relevant keywords in your niche. These tools can also help you select the right ones using metrics like search volume, keyword difficulty, etc.

You can also explore your competitors€™ keywords and find keyword opportunities that they might not be utilizing.

Doing all of these manually would have been an almost impossible and time-consuming feat, but the use of AI makes it extremely easy.

Also, don€™t forget to use the right target keywords for your landing pages. Just using the right platforms for building landing pages isn€™t enough. You also need to optimize your page content for the right keywords.

For example, a call center that provides different types of customer services can create a variety of landing pages by targeting multiple keywords. By leveraging AI-powered tools, they can find the right keywords to target for each of these pages too. This way they would be able to rank for each keyword that they target.

2. Create and Optimize Content

AI is not only good for finding keywords but also for creating content that is optimized for SEO.

You can use these insights to create better content on trending topics and outrank your competitors. Furthermore, visual content has the power to attract an audience Different types of infographics, graphs and charts, screenshots, photos can rapidly improve user engagement.

You can use these insights to create better content on trending topics and outrank your competitors.

You can further optimize your content by using AI-powered online editing and keyword optimization tools like Grammarly and Surfer.

3. Discover Link-Building Opportunities

Another important aspect where AI helps with SEO and website optimization is finding link-building opportunities.

There are numerous AI-powered SEO tools that you can use for this purpose.

Semrush, for example, provides a brilliant Backlink Audit tool that provides you with opportunities for link building. It will show you a list of sites where you have published content but have not asked for a backlink.

You can use this list for your link-building outreach campaigns and get quick backlinks without much effort. This is one of the easiest tactics to build links and a brilliant example of how using AI in SEO makes life easier.

4. Optimize Your Site for Voice Searches

One of the lesser-known uses of AI in SEO is to optimize your website content for voice searches.

How does AI help with that?

AI-based tools like AnswerThePublic can tell you what questions people ask around a keyword. So, instead of targeting normal keywords, you can target question-type long keywords, which is what people use for voice searches.

Here€™s an example of this tool at work:


Image Source

5. Conduct SEO Audits

One of the most important, yet complex, tasks for SEO is to conduct regular site audits.

Site audits are important to find and fix issues that may affect your website€™s search performance. Such issues could be anything from broken links to duplicate content and should be fixed promptly.

This is where AI can help you.

AI-based SEO tools like Semrush and other alternative tools can conduct extensive site audits within minutes, if not seconds. These tools can provide you with a ready-to-use list of SEO issues that need to be addressed and also sort them out by priority.


Image Source


AI is the future of SEO and if you want a competitive edge, you need to embrace it early on.

The uses of AI in SEO are numerous and can make the entire process quicker and more efficient for you. Start using AI-powered SEO tools to leverage this technology and improve your website€™s rankings and overall performance.

Ready to embrace AI to grow your business?

All the best!

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