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AI DataSense Technology

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Artificial Intelligence is changing how data management and analysis is handled in the age of big data. Organizations are generating more data than ever before and the process of accessing data using traditional methods is not only time consuming but also poses a threat to the data sets. To handle this challenge, AI changes the way we view data in terms of structure, usability, and access. 

AI DataSense

Traditional data analytics had a limitation in the types of files from which accurate metadata could be successfully extracted. However, AI Datasense can extract metadata from multiple file types in different formats, thus helping provide a better sense of what is in the data. This helps power a faster and smarter search performance.|

AI DataSense and Catalog

DataSense helps create a smart catalog that is important in selecting the right datasets to be used in the creation of machine learning algorithms. It creates indexes that make filters that are far-reaching, adaptive, and effective. It also helps user’s search to be smarter thereby saving time and recommending the data they might want to take a look at based on their job responsibilities. Recommendations made for search are usually based on business terms, contacts, departments among others.

Benefits of AI DataSense Technology

  • Continuous data enrichment: By continuously learning how the data is being used, the algorithms make the right adjustments to increase the accessibility and accuracy of the data. 
  • Usable data structure view: AI-driven DataSense technology will create a visualization of the data that makes it easy for the users to understand.
  • Ease in data classification: AI-driven DataSense technology helps in classification data in a way that is logical to even the non-technical users. 
  • Faster search: By optimizing the search process through smart metadata and catalogs, users have a higher chance of getting the best results on search. In the age of big data where a search can yield tens or hundreds of results, having an ability to get the right results saves time and increases efficiency within an organization.

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