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AI Chatbot Platforms: The Best in the Market and Why to Consider

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Today, excellent customer service will make your company stand out from your competitors, but it can get overwhelming for your customer care team, and be costly to employ a 24hr team.

However, with an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot, you can do more than offer excellent customer service.

But therein lies an enormous problem: Which platform do you use to build your chatbot? What important characteristics should you look for?

In this post, we will look at the various features you should look for and some of the best platforms.

Choosing the Right Platform: What to Look For

AI chatbots can learn new things through pattern tracking and apply them to similar questions and problems. They can help you solve problems, complete tasks, and manage information with no human intervention.

When properly set up, these interactive chatbots can help you increase revenue and optimize costs. They can also:

  • Offer support services on social media, websites, and apps.
  • Escalate complex problems to human representatives.
  • Identify potential customers and get them to join your sales funnel.
  • Inform target audiences about your offers and send marketing messages.

But what should you look for when building one?

Deep Understanding and Training

Your AI chatbot should do more than interpret user requests.

It should also have the capability to amalgamate information based on previous conversations. This way, it can deliver comprehensive answers and hold intelligent conversations.

What’s more? Your AI chatbot should understand a customer’s mood. Misinterpreting human sentiment and emotions is one common challenge of using AI chatbots. If your chatbot does not respond in the right tone, it could have a negative impact on your business.

Your chatbot should continuously learn and get smarter with each customer interaction through machine learning and semantic modeling. There should be no need for your team to conduct manual training unless they want to introduce new vocabulary.

Benefits of Using AI Chatbot for Your Website

Conversational chatbots can make your websites interactive and engaging. By engaging visitors in one-on-one conversations, they reduce your bounce rates and improve customer satisfaction.

Need an example? Let’s say, you own a web hosting company. Besides providing exemplary web hosting services, you should also be available 24×7 to serve your valuable customers and resolve their issues efficiently. 

Since live customer care agents can’t be available round-the-clock (plus, they are costly), you can use on-site chatbots to handle the task. Bots are super-efficient, objective, and not prone to mood swings or tiredness. That’s why more and more brands are incorporating chatbots in their customer-facing channels.


Now that you understand what to look for, what options do you have in terms of platforms you can use? 

Drop a message in the comments section. I’d love to hear about them.