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AI and Blockchain Cloud Services Orchestrate Digital Business Transformation

  • Nikita Godse 

Next-gen digitally-driven firms of all stature to leverage cloud computing services that underpin the three paradigms: IoT, AI, and blockchain

The growing ubiquity of IoT and AI has left no industry untouched. Businesses have unlocked their transformational value in meeting the modern needs of consumers, with cloud computing posing as the key enabler and accelerator. Evidently, we are witnessing the action in a panoply of applications. Most evident are in supply chain innovation, healthcare IT, smart cities, and autonomous vehicles—to name a few. Many more are climbing on the bandwagon.

Guess what is at the center of these two paradigms.

Cloud-based computing has been and will be at the core of this. The amazing scalability and cost-effectiveness are the magic bullets of enterprise adoption of cloud services.

The ‘ABC’ of Digital Businesses

Garnering operational and strategic insights never-imagined before, automating the value chain, and offering personalized offerings have all formed part of these emerging paradigms: IoT, AI, and cloud. The latest entrant is blockchain, an incredible peer-to-peer (p2p) technology that might be used to manage anything ‘digital’. Blockchain is fast emerging as a trustable technology to build trustable business models.

Interestingly, this is where Industry 4.0 and Web 3.0, the new wave of distributed consensus protocols, applications will converge.

Tellingly, the ABC—AI, Blockchain, and Cloud computing—or the combined AI and blockchain cloud services market will chart growth narratives of organizations.

Readying for ‘Business Models of Tomorrow’

Heavyweights such as Amazon, Microsoft, and Oracle have plowed in billions of dollars in net income in a single year. Disruptors will continue to unlock new enterprise value in enterprises by building up new capabilities in their SaaS applications. The aim is lower the barriers to adoption, particularly blockchain, and to empower businesses for the digital revolution.

The goal of these initiatives is to enable their B2B clients to create new digital business models to translate these to deliver higher consumer propositions in the post-pandemic world. You name it–financial services, e-commerce, consumer goods, automotive, and healthcare. The ABC will define and redefine its technology fabric in the coming years. The fabric that will move companies emerge sturdier for the next normal in consumer value-driven marketing approach.

The machine learning and AI stuff when married to blockchain will make this journey more secure, resilient, and transparent.

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