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A simple guide to AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning

This article was written on Graymatter. 

Let start at the beginning; back in the 50’s we dreamt about robots making our tea (AI) and what we could do with our spare time, fuelled by the space race and science fiction it was a heady dream. Until that is the 80’s, where we started to ‘teach’ machines simple tasks (Machine Learning), the more times a machine completed a task the more it learnt and improved. We’ve now reached Deep Learning, where through the improvement of data storage, processing power and network speed algorithms can be used so that software can train itself through multiple iterations and vast amounts of data.


  • What is the impact?
  • Why is the term AI being banded around so much, why the hype?
  • How is that different from Machine Learning? Machine Learning is formed from experience…
  • What is the impact on marketing of AI, Machine and Deep Learning?
  • What’s in store for us next? 

To read the rest of the article, with answer to these questions, here.

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