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8 Most-Used Data Science and Machine Learning Services for 2020

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In the era of the Internet, the ability to crunch large amounts of data and process it with speed and efficiency has become essential for businesses to survive. But you try sitting down and going through all that data by hand: you’ll get done sometime in the year 2050 if you’re lucky.

That’s where machine learning comes to the rescue. But sorting through a sea of providers and companies is an exhausting process. What can you do to narrow it down?

Well, you’re in luck. We’re here to break down the top 8 most-used data science and machine learning services for 2020! So let’s not wait any longer and jump right in!

Machine learning is a group of algorithms that make predictions and alter systems based on set calculations. Unlike other systems, machine learning requires a set of data to use as its “rules”: it can’t invent anything without a guide (unlike some forms of AI).

Top 8 Data Science & ML Services of 2020

1. Iguazio

The first service on our list is Iguazio, who boasts such big-name partners as Nvidia and Google Cloud. They work to tailor their process to the kind of company you have (whether that’s a bank or a call center) and work on getting info into the system and configured into an automated function as fast as possible. 

As a bonus, you can even utilize some of their services without an Internet connection, allowing for more accessibility than some of their competitors.

2. Keymakr

Next up is Keymakr, which prides itself on keeping your data and processes safe and secure under layers of encryption and VPN’s. Keymakr also excels at providing data annotation for images or videos and training systems to recognize facial recognition data. 

3. Tableau

Ever wanted to match your business data against other factors, like national policies or economic readouts? With Tableau that’s possible, as the company also provides you ways to clean up and decode your data for quick analysis. And when you’ve got partners like the Coca-Cola company singing your praises, that’s no small feat.

They even provide training to help catch your employees up to speed on their processes!

4. Apache Hadoop

If you want to give your wallet a break, the open-source guys at Apache Hadoop got you covered. Not only is their software free, but they’ve configured the program to check problems at the application level (which causes fewer problems than doing it on a hardware level). 

5. TensorFlow

TensorFlow is another open-source option, boasting data scripts for everything from Java to mobile devices. Couple that with their intuitive data design and feature to connect you with skilled machine learning companies to buff your data collection and analysis even further, and you’ve got a real winner here.

6. BigML

Like to try before you buy? Then BigML is right up your alley, as they offer a free trial plan to start with machine learning that breaks into two categories: supervised (for stuff like classification) and unsupervised (for detecting problems in the data). BigML even provides clear visuals of your data so you can see how it’s tracking without all the normal complicated fuss.

7. Prodigy

As the name suggests, Prodigy is a smart program, only requiring you to give it input for things it doesn’t recognize from the model. Plus, it allows for a wide variety of data formats so you can use it in whatever format you’re most comfortable in! 

8. RapidMiner

Last but not least is RapidMiner, which works to maintain close connections with customers to address issues fast. Like Iguazio, they also break down their processes to the kind of business you are running, in addition to providing you with code writing services and secure cloud services. 

Master of Business

So there you have it! Now that you know the top 10 machine learning and data science companies in 2020, you’re ready to catapult your business to the next level! 

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