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5 Tried and Tested SaaS Marketing Strategies to Generate Leads

SaaS solutions literally power the business world. The rise of AWS, API networks, app marketplaces, and a number of other new developments have made it simpler than ever to build SaaS solutions, and nearly every niche and use case is now being served.


Here are the top 5 SaaS marketing strategies to create a consistent b2b lead generation engine. 

Drive Traffic Using Paid Ads

Attract traffic to your website using targeted ads aka pay-per-click (PPC). Some of the most common and proven methods to do this include:

Google’s AdWords

You can use targeted Google search and display ads by setting up the ads based on the interest, location, demography, and more.


Your advertisements are being delivered to users who have been on your site — after they have moved on from your website without submitting a form.

Social Media Marketing Ads

You can also utilize social media platforms like, but not limited to, Facebook and LinkedIn to reach the prospects using sponsored ads.

Create Comparison Content

Comparing the two is a part and parcel of a buying process – whether it is a small-size deal or a big deal. Your potential customers use search and numerous web-based resources at their fingertips to compare your brand to your competition. X vs. Y is a very common search, and if your content appears in the search engine results, you are bound to attract traffic, leads, and sales. Comparison PDFs and articles are also useful for sales reps while closing the deals.

Offer a Free Trial

There is a reason why the free trial is the most common SaaS marketing strategy technique for SaaS: because they work. When customers test the software, the reliability of the product speaks for itself. And if they decide not to buy it at the end of the free trial, you have a lead that you can nurture through email marketing.

Reach Directly to the Decision Maker

SaaS is a saturated industry. It is crucial that all your efforts are reaching the decision-makers. Convincing the gatekeeper or the person who works under the decision-maker is not a smart idea as it will only stretch the sales cycle. Partnering with sales intelligence platforms that provide human-verified direct-dials. Here, direct-dials mean the direct work mobile numbers of the decision-makers and not the desk numbers.

Partner with Non-Competing Vendors

Partnering with non-competing suppliers is a smart decision. Develop a partnership with vendors who are already offering an additional solution. Approach these vendors and explain how much more useful the combined solutions are. Let them know that if they’re willing to put you on the contract, you are willing to do the same thing.

Wrapping Up

These are tried-and-tested SaaS marketing techniques to help software companies expand, however you need to keep testing, evaluating, and refining them to see what produces the best results for your company.