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5 Things to Consider Before Getting Started as a Developer in AI

Such technology as AI existed for years yet experienced a significant popularity boost just a few years ago. Today, it’s far from being a futuristic thing used by the evil geniuses to conquer the planet. Instead, Artificial Intelligence became a cutting-edge tool to improve the lives of millions by assisting us with our job, studies, home duties, and even relationships. There’s no need to mention that AI start-ups are the ones to run the IT industry: $37.5 billion was spent on the start-ups somehow involving this technology in 2019.

No wonder you want to get on board and become an AI developer. What thorns should you overcome to get to the stars?



General Maths & Algorithms Literacy

Having a solid knowledge box in Maths is a basic skill for any kind of developer. You may pay to have research paper written, but solving elementary math issues on the spot should definitely become one of your gained talents. Among the topics you’ll need in AI development there are linear algebra, mathematical analysis, and probability theory.

After mastering Maths, you are getting to the next level called Algorithms. These topics are strongly connected so there’s a little chance you may comprehend Algorithms without having a clue about scalars, vectors, matrices, and tensors.

Physics & Natural Science

Out of this list, Physics and Natural Science are the easiest disciplines for you to pick up. Even though you’ll encounter some scary phenomena like energy & mechanics, mastering those will let you work with robotics. The learning process doesn’t only involve dealing with formulas; you should also pay attention to writing research papers. You can also order some here to analyze the theoretical background of the subject. Working with the scientific data implies you to boost not only your theoretical knowledge but also generates a creative sparkle, which is so needed in the VUCA world. 


Computer Science

Needless to say, Computer Science is aimed at providing you with the main tools for writing the best AI codes. So far, there are a few back-end languages experts claim to be mandatory for the AI developers: C++, Python, and R. Like in linguistics, knowing one programming language makes it easy to master another one.

For example, learning Python will take you approximately 8 weeks, whereas C++ will take you about 10 full weeks. However, these numbers will decrease in case you already know at least one programming language. Undeniably, the learning process here is an instance; thus, you better delegate the irrelevant tasks to others and be ready to pay for my research paper.

Statistical Methods & Machine Learning

Machine Learning will open a whole new world to you as a beginner since it’s the niche that allows actually implementing AI solutions in any industry. Statistical Methods are a fundamental basis of this discipline, which will fasten your coding process and contribute to your projects being indeed practical and inclusive. Even though some suggest that AI can exist without ML, not knowing the basics will force you to spend endless hours coding.

Neural network

Talking about the inner trends in AI, the neural network is a domain to ambitiously drive the innovations. It’s a part of machine learning that allows the systems to build new connections based on the previous experience. Obviously, such technology was inspired by the biological neural networks working in the same manner. Therefore, remember your anatomy classes before getting to the AI one!

Even though your path won’t be that easy, and sometimes you may choose to pay for research papers to make yourself aware of all the specifics, you should take your first steps in the niche to check whether or not you’d like to dedicate your career to AI. This field is quite dynamic, which implies continuous learning and innovative results. The sky is the limit when talking about AI. If you feel like making the future happen faster, you’ve made the right choice.

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