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5 Most Preferred Programming Languages for AI Engineers in 2020

Near about 14% of the workforce or 375 million people worldwide could lose their jobs to AI and automation.

Take a step back and look over the year that has gone by. What have you achieved? Are you being monolingual?

For someone in the tech industry, this might render your career obsolete. In times when AI is taking over the world, being monolingual can be a disadvantage.


The very nature of the technology industry requires you to stay updated in the latest tech skills, latest advances taking place in the IT industry. AI engineers are in demand, job opportunities are plentiful, but where are the skilled AI experts?

AI comes up with amazing breakthroughs in the tech industry today. But to get there, they still require skilled AI professionals to take up the responsibility.

As you embark your journey in the AI career these are the topmost programming languages you need to learn: –


Python is every programmer’s favorite, but have you wondered why it holds a special place for AI and machine learning?

Well, it comes with huge numbers of inbuilt libraries. For certain languages, the individual needs to first learn the language. However, it is not the same case with Python.

Winning the hearts of many, this is what you need to know now: –

  • For every AI project, you can choose the libraries that will best suit your project (SciPy, NumPy, and Pybrain, etc.
  • It has a great open source community
  • Since Python involves a lot of algorithms, it will help in easing testing and writing simple codes
  • Python is platform agnostic


R programming is a popular programming language for statistical analysis. Previously, this language was the most preferred programming language for data scientists. However, R has made quite an impact on AI over the past few years.

  • It is the perfect fit for AI modeling
  • For visualization purposes, R is the winner
  • R has a huge community as well as supporters

Some of the great companies such as Google are already making use of R for data modeling, data visualization, and data analysis.


AI algorithms are real. It should be a thrill for all AI experts to be inspired by Java as it is said to be named as one of the best languages for projects in AI.

For instance, if Java AI programming is taken, it is generally used for creating machine learning models, genetic programming, multi-robot systems, etc.

Java being object-oriented and possessing a high scalability feature is a great match for large-scale projects. And since AI when connected with algorithms, it gives a higher chance for Java to be able to code different kinds of algorithms.


They say you can give your chatbots the best life using Prolog. This is a logic programming language specifically used to perform natural language processing. Ever heard of Eliza? This was one of the chatbots that were written, therefore this is how Prolog came into existence.

The best features that this language provides automatic back-tracking, pattern matching, and tree-based data structuring.


If you’re looking to expand your horizons in the AI field, then perhaps AI engineers must start exploring about Lisp.

Invented by John McCarthy (the father of AI in 1958), Lisp is considered as one of the oldest languages that are used for development in AI.

A unique feature taking ownership of processing symbolic information effectively.

  • Excellent prototyping capabilities
  • Automatic garbage collection
  • Dynamic creation of newer objects

The development cycle provides an interactive evaluation of expressions along with the recompilation of functions even when the program is still running. With the advancement in the past years, many of the features of Lisp were migrated into other languages, thus affecting the uniqueness of Lisp.

Looking forward to the year, skilled AI professionals must learn these programming languages.

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