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What is a Good Net Promoter Score for the Hotel/Resort Industry?

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The hotel industry is competitive, and it is solely dependent on customer satisfaction. Customers are key. 

The hotel industry knows this and the importance of the NPS score for customer satisfaction. A better NPS score means satisfied/loyal customers. 

What hotels have in their control is the website user interface, menu, and providing a seamless customer journey. What they do not have in their control is customers making recommendations.  

Now, here Net Promoter Score plays an important role. Having an NPS survey allows for gathering feedback from the hotel customers.

Let us begin with how a good NPS score makes a difference for your hotel business. 

What is a Good Net Promoter Score for the Hotel Industry?

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a metric used to measure customer feedback. You know how likely your customers are to recommend your business to friends and family. 

NPS is beneficial for hotels and offers a way to evaluate and improve customer loyalty. NPS is different from other feedback options as it measures the overall sentiment of the brand. It is a tried and tested method utilized in various industries. 

What is Net Promoter Score Methodology for the Hotel Industry? 

The whole NPS comes down to one question: 

On a scale of 0 to 10, how likely are you to recommend us to friends and family? 

In this question, the customer can select one answer, and the answer will fall into one of the three categories: 

  • Promoters: Customers with answers 9-10. 
  • Passives: Customers with answers 7-8.
  • Detractors: Customers with answers 0-6. 

You can see the meaning of these terms by the answer given by the customers. Here is a brief about these terminologies: 

  • Promoters: Loyal and satisfied customers agree to recommend your hotel to their friends and family. 
  • Passives: They are in the middle. They could become your promoters or go with your competition.
  • Detractors: They are unhappy customers who you risk losing. Even worse, they can share negative feedback about your hotel with others. 

Benefits of Net Promoter Score for Hotels

The hospitality industry is unique, and there are a lot of indicators that need to take care of. These indicators are never recorded and are less likely to work. Here is a detailed list of benefits of NPS by hotels. 

  • It helps hotels to have a big picture of customer experience.

Customer experience is a metric that measures how customers engage with the hotel. With data, you can get an indicator of customer satisfaction, and the NPS gets constant over time. 

You will see when the customer experience levels decrease or increase. It allows the company to benchmark against competitors who use similar metrics. 

  • A measure of customer loyalty. 

Net Promoter Score for hotels is an ideal way to measure customer loyalty. It allows gauging whether the customers will return to spend more on your business. Therefore, it is necessary to increase your NPS score to improve customer loyalty. 

Good customer satisfaction means the customers will be loyal in the future. You will have data that allows you to improve the whole process of customer satisfaction. 

  • NPS is straightforward and quick.

One of the best things about the NPS for hotels is the simplicity. The question is straightforward. It is easier to implement in a survey. 

See it from the customer’s perspective. They need to provide feedback seamlessly. The ideal way is through the NPS survey

Ways For Hotels to Improve Their NPS

Improving your hotel’s NPS score does not have to be rocket science, and it should get aligned with your overall guest satisfaction strategy. Here are the pointers to keep in mind: 

  • Provide training to all the staff.

The hotel staff valet parking to the head of departments should get trained consistently. It will allow providing service to the guests. The hotel industry gets global exposure from travelers across the world. Therefore, the hotel industry must maintain standards. 

The senior management should start the process of staff training. It will ensure that the departments work in sync to provide a customer experience. 

The hotels should give a reward system to reward the top performers or when a staff member reaches a defined target.

  • Nurture promoters.

Nurturing promoters is the way to improve your NPS score. If you provide unexpected benefits to your existing promoters, it will go a long way to make customers happy. Build strong relationships with your current customers by sending rewards and promotions. You will see the benefits of building these relationships in your NPS assessment. 

  • Close the loop with your customers.

The net promoter system allows the companies to ‘close the loop’ with customers to know the reasons behind their scores. Leverage methods such as direct interviews, follow-up email sequences using email automation tools, etc. It allows you to collect more feedback to focus your efforts in the customer-centric direction. 

Begin the process whenever a 0-6 rating shows up (a detractor). Have a manager reach out to the customer and listen to their complaints. Work on the situation and fix the problem. Closing the loop is ideal and a step towards repairing the relationship.

  • Engage with detractors.

Converting detractors to promoters is a vital thing to do for the hotel industry. The hotels need to offer a tangible solution to the negative feedback from the customers. By providing a solution, the customers will feel supported and change their viewpoint of your service. Empower your staff to not only reach out for feedback but also to solve any specific issues. 

Summing it up

Building a relationship with visitors is the goal of NPS in the hotel sector. Knowing whether or not they had a positive or negative experience assists the hotel to avoid any future hiccups. Finally, every hotel wants to give their visitors an excellent experience, which they can do by following the aforementioned guidelines. Let us know what you think!!