DSC Webinar Series: Why Cloud Data Management Requires Modern DataOps Featuring Forrester

Over the past few years, the evolution of technology for storing, processing and analyzing data has been absolutely staggering. The advent of cloud platforms from AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud gives every business the ability to swipe a credit card and have access to virtually any computing service...to handle just about any data initiative. Yet, why are so many organizations still struggling to drive meaningful ROI from their data investments? The answer starts with DataOps.

Join this latest Data Science Central webinar to learn:
• How the emergence of new trends such as cloud, machine learning and AI have impacted the data management landscape
• What is DataOps and key considerations in implementing or transitioning data management to the cloud
• How to maximize cloud investments and adoption with new approaches to data preparation and data quality

Featured Speakers:
Noel Yuhanna, Principal Analyst - Forrester
Will Davis, Director of Product Marketing - Trifacta

Hosted by:
Stephanie Glen, Editorial Director - Data Science Central

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