DSC Webinar Series: Predictive Analytics – Rethinking how you process your Big Data

Newer, Faster, Better…The tools that are coming to the Big Data market seem to reflect this quick descriptor. One such tool which provides high-performance business and quantitative analysts the ability to construct process flows visually and interactively - from data extraction and preparation to modeling and model deployment - is a Data Mining and Predictive Analytics Software known as KnowledgeCORE™. With the flexibility to code in the languages of SAS, SQL and R or not to code by using pre-built functional nodes for automated code creation in the language of SAS, this new tool can enhance the user experience and productivity while staying within a single application without having to export models and data to other environments.

Join us as we unveil this new tool which is set to change your workflow and learn ways in which you may wish to rethink how you currently process your big data today.

Panelist: ​
Michael Vallely,Senior Data Scientist -- Angoss

Hosted by:
Tim Matteson, Co-Founder -- Data Science Central

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