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Top uses of QR Codes for Co-working Spaces

  • Edward Nick 

Co-working spaces have existed for some time now it offers convenient amenities who work in a more conducive environment.

Following the CDC guidelines, incorporating QR codes into these co-working spaces allow customers to book their slots easily.

ghost bookings is prevented by using an QR code generator online that is easily tracked.

According to the business’ needs.

Here are more examples of creating seamless co-working space operations with the use of QR codes.

Use a QR Code to reserve a workspace

An online reservation system promotes a safe, comfortable, and productive work environment for users.

This tool allows users to book offices, conference rooms, and social lounges on the day and time of their choosing.

An online reservation system can benefit co-working space operators,members by helping maintain order.

All while tracking who uses which workstations and for how long.

Guests can scan the URL QR code with their smartphones which allows them to access the link within the code.

As a result, guests and staff no longer need to interact face-to-face if they don’t really need to.

Members of a co-working space can choose a workspace

check-in access all office space amenities request maintenance or chat with in-app operators upon arrival.

You’ve done your job if your co-working space users can tailor their experience to their specific preferences and needs

Some people actually want a no-fuss experience. You can easily provide that convenience with this QR code feature.

QR codes make hot-desking simple for your hybrid workforce.

QR Codes can help you create, implement, or manage your flexible workplace program more easily.

Many people are kick out by the term hot-desking. They believe it implies that workspaces are first come

first served and that if you aren’t there at 8AM, then you’re out of luck.

That, however, should not be the case.

Everyone has workspaces and meeting rooms, even though the office is frequently less than half full.

Employees need to know which spot is available and claim that space for the time they require it without fear

When QR Codes are integrated within the workspace employees can instantly reserve their space.It allows your hybrid workforce to work from home.

What is hot-desking, and how can it help your company?

Hot-desking is a flexible workplace practice that allows employees to use offices, conference rooms, and other facilities when it is most convenient.

This practice makes it simple for employees to find a desk on the spur of the moment or to find a workspace near their teammates, allowing them to collaborate more easily.

QR codes do not require physical contact

Touchless technology is a high-tech feature that is required in any co-working space.

Users can be confident that they will not become infected by touching common workplace surfaces, as the surface transmission is no longer a major mode of infection for COVID-19.

As a result, purchasing an app that allows users to enter and exit buildings and parking lots is a must.

The best QR code generator QRTIGER can create a QR code that will allow users to enter a building without needing to communicate face-to-face.

How does the QR Check-In work?

The QR code is a new addition to the existing check-in feature.

This feature helps prevent ghost bookings by preventing users from completing a check-in through the phone app without physically being present in the space or meeting room.

When the user arrives at their reserved space, they can scan the QR code to complete the check-in and ensure that the space is allotted to them for the duration of their reservation.

If a person fails to complete the mandatory QR check-in within the allotted check-in time, the booking will be canceled, and the room will become available.

We Work integrates QR codes for guest arrivals

We Work provides flexible workspace solutions including traditional offices and shared workspaces, office suites, and amenities. They have 700 locations globally in 150 cities, and 38 countries.

We Work has become a symbol of an innovative and hybrid coworking space.

The integration of QR codes is now part of We Work’s system.

They used it primarily for guest registration. After the guest successfully registers, they will receive an email confirming their visit including the time, date, and location, an arrival instruction, and a QR code for faster check-in.

Recently, they also launched We Work business cards which allow guests to scan QR codes embedded on the cards of people they meet to share contact information and stay connected.

There are several key methods for attracting customers to co-working spaces. First and foremost is creating a welcoming and comfortable environment. This includes having enough seating, adequate lighting, and a variety of work areas to choose from.

Second, it is critical to provide a variety of amenities and services that appeal to potential customers.

We are the first QR code generator software to offer multi-URL QR codes on the market. This solution enables you to store multiple URLs in one QR code.

It will then redirect scanning users to different landing pages depending on the following parameters:

  • The user’s location
  • The number of scans accumulated
  • The time when the user scanned the code
  • The language detected on the user’s device

Indeed, a QR code generator with logo software is a reliable tool that can be used to enhance a Co-working space’s services. That is to ensure a smoother operation and seamless check-in for everyone who comes in.

The URL QR code is a powerful and multi-functional tool in the digital world, but its quality and effectiveness greatly depend on the generator software used to create it. QRTIGER is your best choice when it comes to creating URL QR codes. We also have other QR code solutions you can use, and our QR codes are fully customizable. Start your QR code journey today by signing up for our free trial!