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Top Technological HR Skills for the HR Professional

  • Aileen Scott 
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Human resource management increasingly requires strong technical acumen.

The Human Resource Management department had a very challenging time due to the pandemic. Globally, the coronavirus pandemic has created a lot of havoc. People were more concerned about health and safety. This pandemic has given rise to new realities like:

  • Social distancing
  • Online (virtual) work 
  • Self-isolation
  • Lockdowns
  • Shutdowns
  • Quarantine
  • Shelter-in-place
  • Essential businesses

These concepts gave rise to several trends in HR professionals regarding where and how to work by exploring the need to work remotely called working at home, working virtually, telecommuting, and others. Now, it has become a dominant reality for nearly each and every organization.

The role of technology is to simplify life. As an HR, one is required to be efficient at talent management to perform tasks. One must set an example of all sorts in the workplace. For this, one must adapt to newer technologies and find a quicker way of doing things. If one feels some of the tasks are repeating, try automating them. With the help of collaborative software and certification in HRone can become more efficient at managing future trends in HR.

In this article, let’s understand how the future of HR has managed the uncertain times and gave rise to several technological trends.

Big Data in Human Resource Management

Big data in human resource management refers to the use of several data sources to evaluate and improve practices including recruitment, training and development, performance, compensation, and end-to-end business performance.

It has attracted the attention of HR management professionals who can analyze huge amounts of data to answer important questions regarding employee productivity, the impact of training on business performance, employee attrition, and much more. Using sophisticated HR Skills that give robust data analytics professionals can make smarter and more accurate decisions.

Cloud computing ensures better and more efficient solutions 

Employees are usually found struggling with staying compliant since laws and regulations frequently alter and often entail a huge amount of paperwork and information. What once required dedicated IT storage capacity can now be streamlined with cloud-based solutions.

It’s not surprising to see that the businesses that are embracing technology for compliance are coming out on top. Their attractive recruiting and retention efforts and enhanced working conditions contribute to improving employee engagement and growth in sales.

AI/ML drives smarter processes for the recruitment

Hiring new recruits is a time-consuming and costly process. However, AI/ML automation has made it simpler for to find skilled people who are the perfect fit for the company. There’s a massive wave of tech solutions that is sweeping across the recruitment market — from automated resume screeners to robot interviews.    

AI/ML is clearly outperforming humans at making hiring decisions in a number of ways, not only evaluating the hard skills of potential candidates but also conducting the soft-skill and culture-fit evaluation. Several firms have realized that leveraging technology helps them to be proactive in their efforts to get responses and improve the hiring process. For instance, companies like Unilever, Novartis, Shell, and many others are using AI-driven assessments to hire candidates.

Future of HR with Mobile applications 

The rise of smartphones also gave birth to mobile HR apps, which are most likely to become permanent fixtures in the modern workplace. Several firms have adapted their systems to deliver better outcomes via mobile apps. The enterprises as well as applicants have started leveraging mobile devices.

Currently, the usage of mobile applications has become vital to every application that a firm develops. According to a report from GoHire, 35 percent of job applicants already prefer to apply for jobs using their mobile devices. The smartphone has started to dominate the future of HR professionals.

Social media gives the perfect boost 

When it comes to employees, social media plays an essential role. The emergence of several social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook are also helpful for the process of recruitment making the process hassle-free and convenient.

According to a report from My Perfect Resume, 77 percent of recruiters find talent on LinkedIn and 63 percent leverage Facebook. Several professionals are getting job postings through social media platforms. There are several perks of hiring new HR Skills talent using social media. The management can reach the several candidates, find talent and passion in a go, get resume details without a resume, find a great culture fit and filter out the not eligible candidates, this also saves time and money.