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Top 7 Online Form Builders for Higher Conversion Rates

  • Edward Nick 


Bringing traffic to your website will not help you unless you turn them into customers or valuable leads. To execute this, you need a web form with a high conversion rate in the significant parts of your website. This allows you to grab leads, maximise registrations, publicise free trials, expand your email list, and obtain survey feedback, no matter what your conversion objectives are.

Online forms can have various uses for different marketing goals.

However, most of the time, we use online forms to collect different data from potential consumers for numerous purposes.

The Online form saves time, energy, and money to generate and certify leads.

Thus, only top leads come to your website and you can then turn them into customers.

But there is a problem here.  

Not every online form builder is made for you and vice-versa. You need something that works especially for you. 

Consider 7 different online form tools based on some of the criteria described below to help determine the best online form builder for lead generation.


Top 7 Online Form Builders for Higher Conversion Rates

LeadGen App allows B2B entrepreneurs and marketers to seize greater leads from their website and landing pages using high-converting online forms. Form builder offers an intuitive interface for creating and designing lead generation forms without any coding knowledge.

 It has effective capabilities together with Google reCAPTCHA, and geo-fencing keeping website visitors away from non-business locations.  In this way, you may attract and transform the proper lead for your enterprise.  

Having over 150 form templates, you can make your forms look proficient,  speedily customize them to suit your brand, and maximize lead generation. 


Top 7 Online Form Builders for Higher Conversion Rates

JotForm permits customers to create online forms and surveys with the use of the drag-and-drop format. Its tools are flawlessly streamlined in order that no distinctive technical proficiency is required for using it. Once those forms are completed, their creators are automatically emailed with them. It even has an option to encrypt the data. Jotform users can choose from over 10,000 form templates, and its services are available in over 15 languages. It is one of the most reasonable form builder tools for businesses and large websites.

 Google Form 

Top 7 Online Form Builders for Higher Conversion Rates

Google form is a superb platform to create lead generation forms. All you need to get started for free is your Google account. 

Google Form may look and feel simpler than the other forms creation platforms on this list,  but don’t be fooled. This form builder is very flexible.  

Google Form is exceptionally smart and speedy when it comes to adding and editing form fields. The best thing about using Google Form is that the results of the form are automatically saved in the Google spreadsheets and you can parse the form properly. 

This lead generation form builder platform offers multiple options to choose from for your questions listed in the form by providing short and long answer text box fields, checkboxes, multiple choices, file upload options, drop-down menus, and more.

Google Form comes with the right kind of pre-built templates that are very easy to use on questioned forms. You can also easily customise the colour and design of your form to suit your needs, share your form with your team, and work as soon as you create it. 


Top 7 Online Form Builders for Higher Conversion Rates

Forminator is a WordPress plugin that makes it easy for you or any niche business to create contact forms, quizzes, feedback, and polls. The best thing about Forminator is that it’s all free and can be extensively customised using the Drag and Drop Form Builder. 

This platform offers a variety of form creation and customization, making it a solid choice for form builders. 

Not only that, the forminator is highly functional and can accept payments via Stripe or PayPal for free. It is no exaggeration to say that it is one of the best platforms with many features that are inexpensive.


Top 7 Online Form Builders for Higher Conversion Rates

Paperform is a perfect tool for small enterprises and groups who want to create forms without being tech-savvy. It’s designed to be as easy as writing a document, but it’s more fun.

An important feature of the Paperform is its versatility. Some form makers are either smart or beautiful, but Paperform qualifies to be both. With over 25 question types, you can create different forms to suit your needs. The SaaS platform has enough features to meet all your needs, from conditional logic, guided modes, and calculations to evaluations, rankings, and date fields. 

The Powerful editor allows you to create fully customizable solutions. These solutions are brand-based and really feel like you. Customise your colour palette, embed content, and add branded fonts, layouts, and themes to curate your own look and feel. 

Need inspiration?

Paperform has over 600 templates and over 50 lead generation templates, giving you the freedom to create anything from simple sign-up forms to complex payment forms and bookings.

Wufoo Forms

Top 7 Online Form Builders for Higher Conversion Rates

If you need a basic contact or registration form and you aren’t looking for a fully optimised form,  Wufoo is a fabulous and inexpensive solution. Their forms may not look good, but Wufoo is a well-established brand that has withstood many years of trials. 

The Wufoo template covers all the basics of web forms and saves a lot of manual coding time, but you need to write custom CSS code to style the form to your taste.


Top 7 Online Form Builders for Higher Conversion Rates

FormSite is ideal for publishing results from data collected through forms, surveys, and quizzes. You can use the platform to create lead generation forms, but the design feels a bit outdated and nothing is exciting about reporting or analysis methods. 

 As a market research and publishing tool, things look very different. The capability to publish survey results using graphs and tables is an outstanding content marketing feature, which is Form Site’s greatest strength. 

Therefore, if you are handling a market research campaign and want to publish your results for people to access and download online, FormSite is definitely a tool to check out.


Top 7 Online Form Builders for Higher Conversion Rates

Convertful performs as an all-in-one tool for converting all visitors into leads and sales. This has turned out to be a great platform not only for e-commerce but also for agencies, bloggers, etc.

This platform is basically a very powerful form builder with a good onsite conversion rate solution.  

You can create subscription forms to enhance your website and make landing page creation very easy.

The Convertful excel completely customising your design

you can expect the form design to perfectly match the brand’s language and tone. 

This platform has proven to be a great platform for both beginner, intermediates who want to attract new leads through their websites. 

Fully integrated with various e-commerce platforms and email marketing software such as Sendinblue, HubSpot, and MailerLite.

Final Words: 

Which form builder you would like to choose depends on the type of form you are creating. If you`re looking for the best-performing lead generation form, start with Paperform. You can quickly see the importance of detailed form analysis. 

On the other hand, if you are interested in publishing a report, FormSite serves as a great tool for creating surveys and publishing results. Likewise, Forminator could be the choice for you if your forms and surveys are too long even for multi step designs.