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Toll-free number: What is it, and how can you get one for your business?

  • Aileen Scott 

What is the toll-free number?

Businesses provide a cloud-based contact number to allow customers to contact them free of cost. In India, this number- the business toll-free number is available in the 1800 series in an easily recognizable format- 1800-ABC-DEFG. Customers do not have to incur any fee to contact the business, as the company bears the cost. A company can extend its availability beyond business hours with the solution and let the customers immediately connect with it. It leads to high customer satisfaction and better profitability, so more and more companies want to buy a toll-free number.

How does the solution help businesses with its features?

Call routing

The toll-free number has several features that make it a great cloud-communication product. It has a call routing feature that automatically routes the calls to the next available agent. This way, a business can ensure faster connectivity to its clients. They need not wait for a longer duration and quickly connect to get their grievances addressed by the company. Faster connectivity helps in providing an enhanced customer experience.

Call Recording

The solution is capable of call recording the client conversations. Companies can record the calls and know what the customers have to say about the product experience and the issues they might be facing. A company can get a clear picture of its product positioning and understand how it can help customers and provide a better CX. The call logs are a helpful resource that helps companies improve their products and services and provide high customer satisfaction. Another advantage the call recording offers is that it allows the business to know how the agents perform. By understanding the efficiency levels of the agents, the company can make informed decisions about improving the agents’ skills. They can serve the customers better and provide better CX with improved skills and updated knowledge. In this way, they can increase the business’s profitability by acquiring and retaining more customers.


 The software is integrated with the IVR technology- Interactive Voice Response-which provides multi-level menus to the customers that offer solutions to their queries. Customers can easily choose the desired option to resolve their questions quickly. So the business toll-free number is a complete solution that organizes business communication and enables customers to resolve their issues effortlessly.


The solution offers several benefits making it a comprehensive call management solution.

More leads: When the call facility is available for free, a business is likely to get more calls which means more leads. The company needs to engage the callers provocatively and convert them into customers. So, the solution helps attract more customers, thereby providing business opportunities in abundance.

Build brand recall value: A business can create a high brand recall value by using the toll-free number across multi-touchpoint campaigns. The numbers are available in a simple format and are easily memorable. So, gradually customers start recognizing the contact number and easily associate with a business.

Better CX

 As customers incur zero cost for making the call, the solution helps in providing a better customer experience. Moreover, by integrating the IVR technology, the solution enables customers to quickly get answers to their questions by choosing the appropriate option from the IVR menu.

Business in new markets

 The solution enables the ability to collect customer feedback with surveys instantly and helps a business make informed decisions. Companies can establish seamless connectivity with clients in different locations by getting premium toll-free contact numbers.

How to buy a toll-free number?

With the features and advantages mentioned earlier, it is clear that the toll-free contact number is a profitable proposition for businesses. They can attract more customers by providing them with a streamlined communication system and using the inputs and insights to improve business operations.

So, if you are wondering how you can buy the toll-free number, you need to contact a reliable cloud communication provider such as Knowlarity. Knowlarity is a cloud telephony company that offers a wide range of cloud-based solutions such as the business toll-free number. This service provider offers the software at competitive prices. You can call 1800-102-0340 and buy the software at the best prices. With immense goodwill in the market and serving more than 6000 organizations in 65+ countries, Knowlarity is an apt choice to buy a toll-free number