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The rise of the prompt engineer

  • ajitjaokar 
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2022 was the year of generative AI – and with generative AI comes a new skillset – the prompt engineer

The rise of the prompt engineer

The features common to all generative AI models are:
a)  End users can use them
b)  They respond to prompts like a search engine

Like a good search engine prompt, the best generative prompts are designed with the machine in mind

So, what could a prompt engineer do currently?

Here is a list
Write a story
Write a paper or essay…
Create a children’s book
Create a dialog
Make a song about…
Draft an email…
Create a product roadmap
Create a poem
Create a song
Create code for something
Create a script for
Create a joke or a funny story

Suggest ideas for design of…
Suggest a recipe
Make a tip / hint for doing…


How do you do something
Something does not work .. why do you think so

Find the core characteristics
Provide a statement .. ask why do you think so it is ..
Teach me …
Explain .. concept ..
Describe an event from the perspective of ..
What does this command do (like searching a tech manual)
Given a segment of code .. what do you think is wrong with it
How can I

Act as if
Pretend you are …
Generate prompts for…
Act as if… (in in the likeness of)
Simplify this song
If you are… (role) … how would you… (task)

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