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DSC Weekly Digest 4/19/2022: The Case for Personal Knowledge Graphs

  • Kurt Cagle 
DSC Weekly Digest 4/19/2022: The Case for Personal Knowledge Graphs

I just moved.

I’d like to say that I was highly organized, that I knew where every box ended up and what was in each box.

I would be lying.

Most people who move know the feeling of living in boxes even after the movers have left, the days spent dodging labyrinths of teetering cardboard, their arms and legs scored with paper cuts where they misjudged that one particular stack that seemed to have taken on a malicious life of its own.

In retrospect, I’ve decided I’m going to go truly high-tech next time: buy a batch of beacons, one for each box, my laptop open as I carefully pack each cardboard container with my sundry possessions, adding each item into a personal knowledge graph so that I can tell exactly where everything in my new house, organized by topic, by room, by owner. I will gleefully take screenshots showing how masterful my graph-fu skills are for future articles, and maybe, just maybe, I wouldn’t then have to sleep on the couch at night because I inadvertently packed the family cat.

Ah, who am I kidding? The reality of most data management projects is that you have really cool ideas like this only after you’ve had to spend a few nights on the couch.

Okay, now to find the dog.

In media res,

Kurt Cagle
Community Editor,
Data Science Central

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