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The Best JS Development Tools for Developers in 2023


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Google launched Angular JS in 2010 — more than a decade later — this framework is now one of the world’s best software development frameworks. Angular JS’s fame is twofold; it is a well-structured framework supporting the dynamic and highly responsive web app and SPAs’ manufacturing.

Moreover, it is an organizational framework with capabilities to support tools and a wide array of plugins that make the web development process easy and seamless, without quality compromise. It also allows the HTML usage to operate template language and make components appear clear.

As a result, the framework will make it easier to skip the burden of extra coding work; making itself the ideal tool for server technology.

Here is our list of the best Angular tools to make the hyper-effective web development process easier.

Best JS Development Tools in 2023


Karma is a QA tool with testing automation for AngularJS (JavaScript) created by Google. It is well known that testing is an important part of the software development cycle and products can not be launched without testing, hence, Karma is a great framework to test Js applications.

It automatically tests the browser, reports errors to the Command Line Interface, and gives in-depth details on every test. Karma is great for automatic functionality testing on different browser engines.

In addition to that, it is also an open-source platform with several add-ons and plugins. It provides detailed testing, but it takes time with the requirement of Node.js installation. Karma can also integrate automation lines Semaphore, Jenkins, and Travis.


AngularJS has a flagship product – Webstorm. It is an intelligent IDE with a pre-introduced Dark module. Webstorm is one of the amazing Angular dev tools and it offers multiple debugging and coding options to developers as well as error-detecting features.

An interesting fact about WebStorm is that it is an Angular live editorial manager, including HTML, JavaScript, Node.js, and CSS.

It has several pre-installed modules or packages like Git support, Dart module, smart editor, tracing, debugging, testing, and profiling features. Webstorm also has exceptional support for TypeScript, React, JavaScript, Angular, Vue.js, Node.js, and others.

It enables customization of the work environment according to things such as themes and plugins. However, it is not an open-source angular js angular and takes more processor resources and loading time. It has difficulty opening multiple projects at one time with complicated UX.


Protractor is an outstanding automated end-to-end Angular testing tool and was structured on top of WebDriver JS by the Google team. Protractor has an automatic and interactive syncing application development for application testing.

In addition to that, it comprises multiple technologies including Jasmine, Node.js, Selenium, Mocha, and Cucumber, and is known for its behavioral-driven tool to debug JavaScript code. It also enables automatic syncing and testing of web pages on a real browser with easy-to-set-up and quick testing. However, it has limited tools for debugging.


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Jasmine utilizes behavior-driven development. It is an open-source Angular development tool used for testing purposes. It can also be used for test-driven improvements with some personalizations.

It also offers less syntax complexity with high levels of abstraction for programmers’ convenience while testing or de-budding codes. Jasmine and Karma are combined together to act as a test system, with Karma running as a test runner. It is the best tool for testing web applications and Node.js, supporting JavaScript runtimes.


Angular js developers are rapidly increasing with its growth and are becoming an essential part of this process. Thereby, Mocha.js is a framework tool that enables an error-free flexible development that supports asynchronous testing.

It runs seamlessly over Node.js and browsers. In the end, it is an appropriate tool for beginner developers for training purposes. It is a high-utility testing framework to support nonsynchronous testing. It has dual benefits. It offers high-level development flexibility and improves mapping accuracy with reporting frequency for AngularJS development.


Angular-gettext is, according to developers, a perfect code-translating tool. It was developed to translate annotated blocks of code and a plain English language into a comprehensive AngularJS code.

It also operates easily with apps, supports English language translation, and it works with effortless translations from plain text.


Djangular is a framework used to create ready-to-use, modular, interactive, and rapid applications. It is written in the Rest API (Django) and Angular JS as the backend. Moreover, it also doesn’t create content with a heavy load.

Unlike other tools, Djangular enables the creation of content per application with a component and modular nature. However, it requires AngularJS and Django pre-installation.

Sublime text

Being a react js development company owner or a developer, you must acquire a powerful tool to debug or code your web application — Sublime is the solution for you. It supports every markup and programming language and with features like ‘Goto Definition’, ‘Goto Anything’, and ‘click to reach’ it makes it easier for developers to write accurate and efficient code with less effort and time.

Sublime also has built-in features like Bracket Highlighter for better code UI/UX, SublimeCodeIntel for jumping in code, and SublimeLinter for code analysis. It also transmits a simultaneous selection trait that stimulates multiple code line editions at once.

Moreover, it enables add-ons (Python APIs) to extend existing code’s functionality such as Angular 13, and provides developers with WordPress & Git for auto-completion with multiple options to update and edit code snippets.

Another plus point for Sublime is that it has easy content styling and code navigation options. However, the Git integration might get glitches which can be improved further.

Wrapping Up

AngularJS is a popular software development framework used to create dynamic and responsive web applications and SPAs.

 In 2023, some of the best JS development tools for Angular JS developers include Karma for testing automation, Webstorm for intelligent coding and debugging, Protractor for end-to-end testing, Jasmine for behavior-driven development, Mocha.js for asynchronous testing, and TypeScript for static type checking.

These tools support a wide range of plugins and add-ons, making the web development process easier and more seamless.

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