Welcome to Entanglish, a Python library for calculating quantum entanglement

"Speak Quantum Friend and Enter"
Today, I uploaded to github my new software library called Entanglish (open source, under BSD license). Entanglish is a Python toolbox for calculations related to quantum entanglement (including squashed entanglement). Available at https://github.com/rrtucci/Entanglish
Entanglish includes a 15 page paper entitled "A New Algorithm for calculating Squashed Entanglement and a Python Implementation Thereof" (to be published) that explains some of the algorithms that are used in the software.

The following paper, included in this repo, describes many of the algorithms used by Entanglish

The following automatically generated notebook summarizes all other notebooks:

See also, at the readthedocs.org website, the beautiful documentation generated automatically by the Sphinx software based on Entanglish's docstrings and code:

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