The Ultimate R Cheatsheet

We are developing a revolutionary new system for teaching Business Analysis with R (Business Analysis with R is a new course we are developing at Business Science University). The system is revolutionary for a number of reasons (we’ll get to these in a minute). The cornerstone of our teaching process is the Data Science with R Workflow that was originally taught by Hadley Wickham and Garrett Grolemund in the excellent book, R For Data Science. The Ultimate R Cheatsheet links the documentation, cheatsheets, and key resources available for every R package in the data science with R workflow into one meta-cheatsheet that illustrates the workflow.

The Ultimate R Cheatsheet is available here


The cheatsheet contains every resource you need for referencing the tidyverse documentation in one spot. Let’s take a look.


The first thing you will notice is the workflow that is prominently presented. You can see where the various R Packages are used.


Data Science Workflow

Here’s the beauty of the R cheatsheet. With one click, you can easily get to the web documentation for any of the key tidyverse R packages.


One-Click To Documentation

By clicking “CS”, you can even get the individual R package cheatsheets. These are PDF documents maintained by RStudio that provide snapshots of the most important functions contained in the package cheatsheets.

Package Cheatsheet

One-Click To Package Cheatsheets

We didn’t stop at documentation and cheatsheets. We also added in important references to get you up to speed quickly.

Important References

One-Click To Important References


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