The lipstick robot - A great way to explain Deep learning

I love motivational examples in teaching complex ideas! I use this simple little video to teach Deep Learning to my students.

When we consider Deep Learning, we think of ideas like teaching a computer to recognize images of cats using Deep Learning OR training a computer to play pacman using Deep Learning. They all work in the same way. You let the Deep Learning system iterate with many examples and in each case, you tell the computer using a classifier if its interpretation was correct or not (aka is it a cat or not, Pacman scores, etc.)

Now watch the video - video link is lipstick robot. I see the click at the end of the step as a classifier. As you see, the robot has a long way to go! I even think its improving on each iteration!

That's Deep Learning for you!

PS I am not sure that this was the original intent of the video by @SimoneGiertz but it's cool. I used this analogy for teaching at the Data science for Internet of Things course.

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