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Last weekend I went to attend one event hosted by GE digital in association with T-HUB and Idea labs.

The event was about industrial IoT and Predix Platform developed by GE Digital for IIOT.

It was a very much informative event, and I also had the privilege to meet some awesome people over there who are part of this platform development.

GE is the well-known company we all know.   

Now coming to the usage of IoT and analytics in this. GE Develops a lot of turbines and other parts which are used to generate electricity by a different source such as water, gas and nuclear. In the new generation of these turbines and nuclear reactors, they are heavily using IoT sensor which sends data to IoT Hub and Cloud. Once data reaches to Predix platform (The Platform developed by GE for aggregating data and doing analytics) they do analysis on these data. using this data company can do predictive maintenance.

Same we can think about aviation engine where all sensors are attached, and they are sending data to server continuously.

But think about the volume of data on the platform it can be easily petabyte data store and increase day by day as for example one turbine life time can be around 50 year and similar life time can be engines used in aviation’s sector. 

Only gas turbine (F series) has more than 1100 unit installed and 30,000 GE wind turbines worldwide. I am not counting water turbine and other power sources.

Think a scenario where using these data if company enhance the capacity of this installation around 10 percent than one small country can full fill their power need easily.

Think another scenario for airlines engine if using data if engines fuel consumption goes down then it will be a big win.

Another thing that using this data quality of engines and turbines and parts will be improved, and life of this device will be much more.

If the quality of device will be good, then operation cost will be reduced and a life time of these devices will be more so the company will have better ROI.

Suppose another situation where devices are remote. When server detect that some device might face the issue in some time. The server can send some instruction to devices back and then if the certain situation occurred then the device can try to self-heal or self-diagnose using this instruction.

Apart from these they are open to using prefix platform to the developer community and has 3-month free plan and developers can build their extension and put in their market place.

I am not sure how much data developer can access or they have to use dummy data for analytics because some of the data must be secure as it is related to govt

But as a data science entheastic we should be very happy to see how much data they are handling and using that data they are trying to improve real world scenario.


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Comment by balram prasad on August 17, 2017 at 8:07pm

@ Florens de Wit thanks for suggesting changes. I am a new in this world of writing. your input will help in learning.  i will try to take care from next blog. thanks again.

Comment by Florens de Wit on August 17, 2017 at 1:39pm

"Improving life with IoT and Analytics" certainly drew my attention. I am always interested in trying to improve life using science and data.

I am quite underwhelmed after reading though. Besides the poor quality of the language - despite not writing faultlessly myself I have to force myself not to write a complete list of corrections and improvements - I don't see what the reported event really does to improve life.

Sure technical lifetime of systems - an interesting and challenging field of research and development - would be a better keyword for this; "using IoT analytics to prevent real life problems" may be a better title.

Don't take this to hard though: I'm just a former lecturer, so I tend to try and push others to improve.


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