Free open access book on Industry 4.0, factory automation and Edge

The Digital Shopfloor: Industrial Automation in the Industry 4.0 Era looks like a great free open access book by John Soldatos,  Oscar Lazaro and Franco Antonio Cavadini

The book deals with the transformation of the shop floor and the wider supply chain by the deployment of Industrial IoT


Some of the themes covered by the book include:


  • Introduction to Industry 4.0 and the Digital Shopfloor Vision


  • Open Automation Framework for Cognitive Manufacturing


  • Reference Architecture for Factory Automation using Edge Computing and Blockchain Technologies


  • Communication and Data Management in Industry 4.0


  • A Framework for Flexible and Programmable Data Analytics in Industrial Environments


  • Model Predictive Control in Discrete Manufacturing Shopfloors


  • Modular Human–Robot Applications in the Digital Shopfloor Based on IEC-61499


  • Digital Models for Industrial Automation Platforms


  • A Centralized Support Infrastructure (CSI) to Manage CPS Digital Twin, towards the Synchronization between CPS Deployed on the Shopfloor and Their Digital Representation


  • Ecosystems for Digital Automation Solutions an Overview and the Edge4Industry Approach


The book link is The Digital Shopfloor: Industrial Automation in the Industry 4.0 Era


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