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A new project called Encyclosearch ( has been launched. Encyclosearch allows you quickly and easily search many high-quality encyclopedias at once, instead of relying on a highly-centralized resource such as Wikipedia. For scholars it can be more useful than Google since Encyclosearch is focused on encyclopedic content rather than on diverse content from various web sites, which are often distorted by search engines due to advertising posts.

Encyclosearch is "search on search", a one stop web page,  that uses  different types of search technologies from different encyclopedias. On a technical site, this means a broad coverage in terms of possible search outcomes. It also covers articles that span different article-acceptance policies. This leads to accessing content with less censorship and more freedom in expressing opinion.

The Encyclosearch project was created by the Knowledge Standards Foundation (KSF) team, after being inspired by the Encyclosphere in an attempt to decentralize the internet and online knowledge resources.

S.Chekanov & H.Sanger

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