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Job trends in the tech world for 2022

  • Edward Nick 
August 1, 2019 San Jose / CA / USA – Knightscope security robot
August 1, 2019 San Jose / CA / USA – Knightscope security robot branded with the Samsung logo patrolling the parking lot of the Samsung Semiconductor offices, Silicon Valley

By 2025 new technologies will have destroyed 85 million jobs. However, they also will have created 97 million new ones instead, according to the World Economic Forum report.

Thus, there is naturally a high demand for IT specialists in the labor market. Information technology has grown significantly, and now every industry needs them.

Why IT industry is the fastest-growing sector of the economy?

Any IT specialist gets above-average pay. Professionals can earn on average 5-10 times more than in other industries.

However, all spheres tend to stagnate, and information technologies are no exception. Some areas of digital have been around for more than 20 years, and there are enough specialists. So we will consider the most highly paid and in-demand IT jobs in 2022.

Big Data Engineer

Big data is a large amount of disaggregated data. It can be text, images, coordinates, numbers of different formats, and volumes of information. 

Data engineers collect, store, and process data, for example, to work with artificial intellect. They also can establish a system where company data analytics reports are stored.

In other words, such a system collects data from different sources, stores it in the required format, and processes it so that the end-user can figure it out.

Geisinger Health System

Thus, data engineers created a program for Geisinger Health System in the US. Geisinger Health System was one of the first clinics to introduce dispensary cards for their patients.

But the necessary information was separately,

so it was difficult for doctors to extract the necessary data. Specialists developed a program processing all data of patients and clinics.

The program helps catch diseases at an early stage and monitors the supply and costs of clinics.

The prospects for the profession are simply enormous.

According to Dice Tech Job Report 2020, Data Engineering showed incredible growth rates in 2019. The labor market increased by 50%. For comparison:

the average growth in other sectors is 3-5%.

In 2020 the pace slowed down, but they are still many times ahead of other industries. The demand for this job increased by another 24.8%. And such rates will continue for at least another five years.

Cloud Engineer

Since 2019 the cloud services market has exceeded 1,300$. It is expensive and inconvenient for businesses to develop and maintain their own infrastructure. So companies have massively started to move to the clouds. It gives more development opportunities.

You can not only store and process data in the cloud. It also enables you to quickly test a new product or add extra functionality to the already working one.

The rapidly increasing need for cloud infrastructure influences the demands of cloud service specialists. According to a study by Robert Half, one of the largest HR agencies, a cloud engineer is one of the most sought-after and highly paid jobs in the tech world.

Cloud Engineers design

Cloud Engineers design and maintain the cloud infrastructure, taking care of its security and planning. Their main task is to make the service in the cloud work reliably.

Thus, a cloud specialist has to know how to install software, write a script, and draw up a disaster recovery plan by providing work for the company without failures.

Experienced Software Developer

An experienced software engineer creates optimized and neat programs supporting updates and expansions of their functionality. For example, such specialists can look for optimal solutions for software development.

Besides the profound technical skills, experienced software developers must have communication skills and also skills of mentor and interviewer. These specialists often hire employees for their teams and teach new workers.

Software Architect

If a company conducts large-scale software development, it will need a software architect. The main task of the architect is to find optimal, simple, convenient, cheap solutions that best meet the needs of the customer and the capabilities of the team.

This specialist develops functional and technical system specifications, designs ways of technical implementation, chooses technological tools by reason the business requirements.

To become a software architect, you should think systematically and estimate problems from different points of view. The architect analyses the entire system and correctly determines how to divide it into modules and how these modules will interact.

C#/.NET Developer

A C#/.NET developer is a programmer using platform technologies .NET from Now, soft.

The main tool in this work is a reliable and multifunctional programming C# language. C#. has been taking leading positions in various tops for many years.

Now, C# and .NET developers are very popular and highly paid.

Such specialists can develop a wide range of products. For example, they can develop web applications, desktop, and cross-platform applications, games, cloud services, applications for devices running on Windows Phone mobile OS. 

Data Manager

The database has become a necessity for companies around the world. Now the business uses big data to get information about customers’ behavior and other analytics for meeting the research team’s needs.

That’s why a data manager is a necessary and in-demand job. Data managers can work in the financial, medical, and educational industries.

The need for these specialists has been growing since 2015. That’s why a data manager job is one of the most demanding ones.

IT Security Analyst, Data Security Analyst

Security analysts protect information systems and computer networks from unauthorized access to their information. They develop security processes and monitor the security of the IT structure.

Government organizations, banks, trading platforms, and social networks count on these specialists to protect their own information systems from hacking.

The US Bureau of labor statistics expects demand for IT security analyst jobs to increase by 28%. It will lead to creating 28,000 new jobs for analysts in IT security.


Data Security Analyst handles a larger cybersecurity area. This specialist focuses on protecting data from cyber-related crime. That includes fraud, phishing schemes, and other threats.

The trend for IT jobs will not go away soon. It will only increase. Moreover, new jobs are developing in the tech world. That’s why you should follow IT trends and learn the necessary skills to get a highly paid job with small competition.