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IoT in Intelligent Transportation Systems Anchors Smart Traffic for Smart Cities

  • PragatiPa 
IoT in Intelligent Transportation Systems Anchors Smart Traffic for Smart Cities

Internet of things (IoT) holds an enormous promise in making urban transport systems smarter in terms of safety, energy-saving, ecologically favorable, and efficiency. The efficiency of optimizing transportation in real-time is the key pillar of successful deployment of IoT.

Ecosystem to Develop Pivoted on Expanding Use Cases

Several developed nations notably Singapore, the U.S., and the U.K. are the disruptive potential of the use of IoT in intelligent transportation systems (IoT-ITS). Use cases where the ecosystem is making a difference include the easing of urban traffic congestion – which has a cascading effect on pollution levels and the use of fuels for transportation vehicles.

Not just roadways, the use cases of IoT in automating railways, airways, and marine has invigorated investments in developing IoT-ITS. Multiple hardware and software components find their way to making the ecosystem diverse and therefore enriching for stakeholders in the IoT in the ITS market. More than others, the use of sensors has become more pervasive than ever for road transport.

V2X (Vehicle to Everything) Set Stage for Smart Roads

As more and more connected and autonomous vehicles throng the roadways, IoT solutions will open up new customer experiences in the IoT-ITS market. Particularly for roadways, IoT is adding up the capabilities of these vehicles in making smarter roads. The use of Beacons (Bluetooth Low Energy) and LoRaWan technology in IoT-ITS is poised to unlock new possibilities in V2X (Vehicle to Everything).

The cross-talk between vehicles and infrastructure in transportation systems has made drivers and passengers safer and smarter. All these are paving way for smarter city infrastructures. With governments pouring in dollars for smart city frameworks, the IoT-ITS market will invariably witness astounding avenues in the next few years of this decade. Interestingly, mesh networks technologies will underpin new ITS architecture for fueling smart city initiatives.

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