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Human-centric AI through better transparency and disclosure

  • Dan Wilson 

Interview with Gerry Chng


In our very first public episode of AI Think Tank Podcast, I had the pleasure of hosting Gerry Chng, live from Singapore. Gerry serves as the Executive Director in Deloitte’s Cyber Risk Advisory Practice, focusing on cybersecurity and risk management. Gerry brings over 25 years of expertise in cybersecurity, making his insights into the complexities of AI governance, the EU AI Act, and the challenges of technological innovation and regulation invaluable. After having just spoken on BBC News, Gerry had very much to share with me.


During our conversation, Gerry emphasized the importance of developing technology responsibly, highlighting the significant uptick in AI governance discussions and the nuances of navigating this field. He pointed out the proactive measures needed to address the challenges surrounding AI governance and the varied approaches countries have taken, including the soft law approach, which I feel can be a fair and respectable tact to take. 

Gerry also delved into the probabilistic nature of AI, the shifts in mindset required for its adoption, and the critical ethical considerations surrounding its use. He specifically addressed the concerns about job displacement due to AI advancements and underscored the necessity for policy-level interventions to encourage responsible organizational practices. As optimistic as I am, I am personally just as concerned about how certain initiatives roll out.

Reflecting on the transformative potential of AI, we discussed its capacity to enhance jobs and detect fraud, while also acknowledging its imperfections and the ethical dilemmas it presents. We both agreed on the paramount importance of AI literacy and the need for interfaces that are both transparent and user-friendly. The potential for this tech to reshape the workforce along with the associated ethical considerations is an emphasis for everyone to get involved where they can.

Gerry shared insights into the concept of human-centric AI, advocating for a nuanced approach to AI governance that focuses on the specific implications of AI solutions within their context. He discussed the challenges of ensuring AI security and privacy, mentioning ongoing efforts to develop standards for AI systems. There is a great need for Data Scientists in this field for reasons not only related to clean data but to help provide equity in representation for all members of society.

As we explored the potential risks associated with premature AI deployment, we both emphasized the critical role of human oversight in managing AI applications. Gerry advocated for a cautious approach to AI adoption, prioritizing ethical considerations and security measures to mitigate potential negative impacts. I hope that we can align with new standards to reach adoption without so many businesses and individuals being caught in the crossfire.

One of my favorite topics was about the potential of AI in education, particularly its ability to offer infinite patience, a quality paramount for learning. Gerry and I shared a mutual enthusiasm for this application, envisioning a future where AI could transform the educational landscape. Its potential to provide personalized learning experiences, adapt to individual student needs, and offer endless encouragement and support highlights a groundbreaking shift.

This capability to patiently guide, explain, and reiterate concepts aligns perfectly with the ideal educational ethos. It’s a thrilling prospect that could democratize learning, making it more accessible and effective for students across diverse backgrounds and learning styles. Our conversation underscored the transformative power of AI in education, not just as a tool for enhancing teaching methodologies but as a steadfast companion in the pursuit of knowledge.

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