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How New Technology Trends Impact Web Development in 2021


With the rise of technologies, our day-to-day has completely transformed. As the transit of time, we are witnessing some major changes in the web development space.

Technologies like IoT, AI, AR, VR is making human life simpler and perform monotonous tasks quickly. The advanced web development technologies offer top-notch products to people, which help them do tasks with fewer complications.


Many products have been launched in the online world in recent years, which are most popular these days. The product reviews with interactive graphics can help your business€™s website to stay ahead in the cutthroat competitive world.

With these advanced features and functionalities, you€™ll leverage the perks for your website, which gives your business a huge profit. There are numerous updated changes available with the assistance of technology, the changes can work in the favor of web development requirements.

If you plan for website development or run an eCommerce website, you need to read the following latest advancements. Here are many things available which help you generate huge revenue on investment, look:

Artificial Intelligence and Bots

In the upcoming years, bots will be capable of self-learning and fulfill the users€™ requirements. This means that bots will perform the work of executive employees, which eventually helps the companies in saving money. Giant B2C companies are already using this technology to answer their customers- chatbots inside social media platforms are one of the examples. Web development companies are now integrating bots on the website, PWA, and mobile applications.

Bot€™s rise will make advent changes in website design, user experience. The important top-notch technology helps custom web development companies with virtual help design. The technology isn€™t only help with visual experience, but also helpful in producing sound design. The most significant perk of AI-powered bots is that it has problem-solving potential, understand human behavior.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is one of the trendiest web development practices. The motive is to reduce the loading time of web pages and enhance page performance. AMP technology is like PWA. Twitter and Google develop these AMP technologies with the help of the open-source plugin.

AMPs are customized pages that function fast and have a simple yet interactive web design with some basic features, functionalities to offer their services and products. These pages are user-friendly and their content has high readability.

With the emergence of 5G internet connectivity, companies are usually opting for native apps for enhanced user experience, but AMP plugins help brands save time. Because of this, small-scale startups can make their step into the free market world of technology.

Single Page Application (SPA)

Nowadays, with high-speed internet connectivity, you won€™t be stuck on the web pages, you can click on multiple pages to download from a server. Single page application is the latest web development trend that helps companies in ignoring unwanted communication and showcases enhanced web page performances and offers prominent protection to the website.

With the help of the JavaScript framework, SPAs gain widespread popularity. The JavaScript framework helps browser events and runs the web applications smoothly. Google services like Gmail, Google Drive, or Google Maps and social media platforms like Facebook are some of the examples. The latest web trends make the websites more constructive, enhanced functionalities.

SPAs are designed to engage the users€™ retention for a long time and help the website operate quickly. SPAs offer instant feedback to the companies and faster than the regular sites without server-side code at all (API technology).

Voice Search Optimization

The web development of future trends includes voice searches and it€™s not only about Siri, Alexa, and Google Home. In the year 2021, more than half of the smart devices include voice recognition searches. And even more€“the development can recognize the voices of people and offers a customized AI experience to the users.

Voice search is the technology of the future that was implemented more than a decade ago. In the year 2021, people don€™t want to text or type commands. That€™s why companies are looking for methods that help them make digital products integrated with voice command features. According to the reports, 55% of all the households€™ devices are going to have voice assistant features.

The trend in web development is to launch voice recognition features in websites and applications. Powered with AI, voice searches help the owners and end-users quickly. First, it consumes a lot of time for users to place an order online on eCommerce websites. Secondly, the technology is multitasking. Third, it fetches the users€™ loyalty, which helps them cope up with their routine. The most significant point is it helps companies to understand the users€™ behavior.


Motion UI

Innovation web design is one of the latest trend brands in the digital world. As the transit of the years, the startups are focusing on fetching the user€™s attention through innovative design. However, appealing designs have a high chance to get noticed by users. Visual design is now considered as the marketing strategy.

Experts are now integrating motion UI into their web apps and websites. Motion user interface design has been the current market demand. Since the year 2018, the motion user interface has been widely accessible across the devices with the help of SaaS libraries technologies.

Motion UI design makes the websites more interactive. The approach involves CSS transitions included with libraries and animated elements. Developers spend less time on building digital products, which eventually saves the price of web development.

Automation Testing

Most web technologies are developed with a motive to make the entire development process affordable and offer a remarkable user experience. Machine learning and the Artificial intelligence method let us develop difficult projects with fewer experts, while the automated testing tools help us check that the products are ready to launch or not.

Test automation has several advantages including beta testing coverage, bug detection, and code transparency. The method helps the development team fetch test cases and reduce the development cost and time. The test automation will offer better products in less money.

We all want to know why automation technology is still relevant in the year 2021? The answer is the digital world is getting more competitive. To survive in this cutthroat competitive world, you need to build a product that performs better than your competitor companies.

JavaScript Frameworks

JavaScript is one of the best programming languages in the world, which is the reason companies are still discussing it. In the year 2021, website trends include many aspects of JavaScript frameworks.

JavaScript framework is considered as the prominent front-end development ecosystem. In the year 2021, JavaScript includes UX, UI, and testing, and code management. The framework offers components one requires building websites.

This web trend has a lot of advantages. Immediate feedback and reviews are provided to the users regarding the page performance, code efficiency, and design testing. Mind that the latest version of the framework is comparatively better than the old version. Integrated with HTML templates, component-based design, data management tools that build the system more robustly.

Serverless Applications and Architecture

Serverless technology solves problems like data loss, system overloading times, and expensive development. Powered by providers like AWS, it developed serverless algorithms as cloud-computing models.

The serverless app models help companies in development cost, robust the application with advanced features and functionalities with a safer internet environment. Cloud computing services offer a chance to build, execute and app features and functionalities without building a product architecture by themselves.

Chatbots, IoT apps are examples of serverless technology. One task that needs to be excluded from the serverless technology is notification delivery, downloading files back. The top service provider of this technology is Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure.

Blockchain Technology

Recently, a report states that there are over 34 million bitcoin users across the globe. The technology involves software and hardware, legal regulation varies countries wise and a place for trading. Cryptocurrencies aren€™t just about bitcoins. It€™s about integrating secure, protected features into online e-wallet platforms. Blue-chip bank companies are building strong algorithms for protecting account holders€™ data.

Cryptocurrencies aren€™t the trendy web development technology. The technology was launched in the year 2004. Three years ago, the crypto trading market was built. taxes on virtual Currency can€™t be ignored by authorities. The utilization of blockchain technology has increased in the last few years and bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies are considered major payment systems.

Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT (Internet of Things) is a technology that interconnects the devices and helps the user to perform tasks without keeping their bodies in action. In the year 2021, some major web development trends are the example of IoT development.

According to the report, there will be over 30 billion IoT devices available in 2025. We expect that in the upcoming years there is going to be a huge requirement for IoT solutions. The basic concept of developing IOT devices is to make human life easy. Automation methods like automatic payment, smart home devices, and an online healthcare environment, allows humans to think about important things.

The popular industries which are likely to opt for IoT devices are transport, healthcare, and housekeeping. IoT technologies also help web development companies in UX. We might see companies using IOT technologies in voice interface design.

Mobile-First Development

The number of smartphone users is increasing rapidly. 54% of the internet traffic is consumed with mobile phones and tablets. So we shouldn€™t be surprised to know that website design should be according to the mobiles€™ screen sizes.

Mobile-first development is an idea in which you think about your web solutions according to the mobile screen and other hardware features. In simple words, you need to develop a web product that makes it easier for users to interact with your business through mobile phones.

It is advised now to deliver content with fewer complications, elements, and reduce page loading times. Include call-to-action, use a simple yet attractive design, and a simple and bright color scheme. This is significant to understand that since 2018, search engine Google has made some drastic changes in the algorithm pattern for mobile phone customized websites.

Responsive Websites (RWD)

The concept was launched 5 years ago when mobile industries were making enormous steps in the market. In the year 2019, most web searches are made by mobile users, which means that companies need to integrate advanced features to make their websites convenient for mobile phones and desktops.

Companies have a few major options: mobile-first development, invest in responsive websites. Responsive websites are developed using HTML codes with CSS templates which let the website render properly according to the devices€™ screen size. The motive is to develop mobile-friendly web solutions. This technology is gaining immense popularity.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are the notification which users receive when they are not using the applications. Companies are using push notifications to fetch users€™ engagement, improving conversion rate. Giant platforms like Facebook, Google Mail already integrate push notification technology into their web apps.

In the upcoming years, we might witness small and medium-scale companies using these technologies. There are chances that this technology might replace email marketing and some other type of communication that companies do to connect with customers.

GDPR and Cyber Security

With automation operations like online payments, booking flights, paying taxes, and even using smart home devices, there is always a risk of a data breach. The cyber securities industry is likely to hit $300 billion by the end of the year 2024. At least we are expecting that web development companies should focus on developing solutions, which save our data from phishing attacks.

The expansion of data privacy policies such as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is the up-to-date web development market trend. The authorities have the power to put a fine on Internet vendors if they collect the users€™ data, and if they sell or use their data without their permission.

Summing up

The above technologies are going to make a tremendous impact on the web development process. You need to build websites that conveniently communicate with the users and fulfill their requirements without complexities.