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How Custom Stickers could help your Viral Marketing Campaign

  • Edward Nick 

Yes, stickers are fun and inexpensive. They can also be very helpful for some offline marketing, yes. But how in the world could they assist your web marketing campaign?

We understand if those are your thoughts. Sticker printing might not be your first thought when planning your next viral campaign. But maybe it ought to…

After reading our top suggestions for how employing personalized stickers might enhance your online marketing, we’ll allow you to make that determination for yourself.

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Custom Stickers and their Benefits to your Marketing Campaign

Create an offline presence 

Any successful marketing campaign must include multichannel marketing. You may reach a wider audience and increase your chances of success by utilizing several platforms.

We do not include Facebook, Google, and Instagram when we say “multichannel.” Online and offline are the topics at hand. Custom stickers give you a visual way to advertise your business or product, which can assist you in accomplishing your goal.

Place them in busy areas or places where your target audience congregates. Include a QR code that connects to your online campaign when creating your personalized stickers. You can create an additional funnel for your current campaign in this way.

Host a contest on social media

Why not use your stickers from offline to improve your online visibility? Place them all over the city and carry them with you wherever you go.

Once you’ve covered all the bases, launch a social media contest to get your fans to post pictures of the stickers they uncover.

To keep things fresh, you may even utilize several designs and encourage your followers to collect them all. As more users share your stickers, this will raise your engagement rate and reach.

Offer an award to the person with the best photo or the most designs to encourage these posts. Do you have any ideas for a fantastic one? personalized stickers!

Giveaway stickers

Do you know the benefits of giving away stickers? they are adored by people. Even if they are printed with your logo, they won’t be perceived as a marketing tool.

Instead, they will be viewed as a gift by your clients. Gift-giving plays with the reciprocity rule, making it a particularly effective marketing tactic.

This means that once you offer your consumers something—a gift—they will be more inclined to suggest you to others or make a purchase from you.

Marketers employ this idea to persuade consumers to purchase additional goods or services or to foster customer and fan loyalty.

Elements of a Successful Sticker

A few elements contributed to the transformation of his straightforward work of art into something that resonated with a sizable audience and inspired them to disseminate the message on their own.


No matter what you plan to use stickers for, make sure the layout is set up so that potential clients can easily read the message. Your sticker’s design must appeal to and communicate with its audience if you want it to be memorable.


What actually does your sticker or decal say about your company? Although the design contributes to the messaging, what you say will ultimately be remembered by the audience. A logo or company name would be ideal for a campaign that merely raises public knowledge of your brand. But how will you choose your words to draw in your target audience if the messaging is more complicated? You have a limited amount of time to capture someone’s attention, whether it’s with a bumper sticker or a straightforward die cut handout. Pick your words carefully.


It’s crucial to comprehend where your sticker will likely be positioned in order to design and message it appropriately. Is your “sticker” a massive mural the size of a billboard that will be erected alongside the highway? Or is it just a straightforward bumper sticker that will be applied to vehicles, snowboards, or stop sign backs? The final design of your company’s sticker should take into account where your product will be used.